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I’ve been hesitant to try anything like this as not being a medical professional; I don’t understand fully the ingredients and their possible effects. However even though my snoring wasn’t bothering me, it was effecting my wife, who kindly started letting me know when I was snoring with the odd elbow into the ribs!

Having given it a go for a while now, I can say that for me it doesn’t fully cure my snoring, but it definitely improves it. My wife tells me I no longer instantly snore as soon as I sleep, and if I do snore later, it’s not as severe.

I like that the ingredients are clearly published for this product, and nothing sounds too scary to me. It seems more effective after a few days consistent use, but maybe that is just because you get better at making sure you use it properly and get the solution to coat your throat.

The product has a slightly salty taste, but nothing nasty and isn’t painful to use. It took me a few uses to get used to using. The aim seems to be to get it through your nasal passage so the liquid coats your throat rather than just blasting it up your nose. A side effect is that it helps clear your nose on the way to coating your throat, which probably helps reduce snoring too.

Overall for me it definitely improves things, but hasn’t magically cured my snoring altogether. I’m happy enough with this that I setup an amazon subscribe and save for it. It’s not too expensive, but also reassuringly not super cheap too, so i would recommend trying it out at least once.

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