I definitely snore because of vibration of the soft palate at the back of my nose. So much so that I wake with a sore throat in the morning. I’ve used this for the past few nights since it arrived and I can feel an immediate difference. I am aware that I sleep deeper and feel calm and better rested in the morning. Good result for me.

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Asonor is the market leader in Denmark within its category. Asonor
effect on snoring is clinically proven and was registered in 2005 by the health authorities in
the EU. Today Asonor is registered by the health authorities in more than 70 countries. At
Asonor, we aim to help you sleep comfortably, breathe easier and live healthier. We are the
world leading brand in anti-snoring medicine, distributing worldwide through an expanding and
highly successful network of distributors. You can read more about our blogs here.

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