About TannerMedico Anti Snoring Company

At TannerMedico A/S, our aim is to help you sleep comfortable, breathe easier and live healthier. We truly believe that any good treatment aims at killing the cause and not just the symptoms. We are a Scandinavian company with the corporate headquarters, located at the DTU Science Park in north of Copenhagen. We are the worldwide owner and manufacture of Asonor. Our GMP production facilities and warehouses are located in both Denmark, Spain, and Germany.

Our Anti Snoring Products

We are helping the patients worldwide with our snoring aids. Asonor is the world’s leading brand within anti-snoring medicines, which helps you to get rid of snoring and gain comfortable sleep. Through our wide network of distributors, Asonor has worldwide distribution. Till date, it has been sold or registered by the Health Authorities in nearly 70 countries.

Why Asonor is the best treatment for snore?

Sometimes we take it in laughter and many times, we accept it as a habit, however snoring is not such a trivial matter to ignore. Asonor is the simplest and effective method, which kills the cause of snoring.

Asonor Certifications – Sign of Quality and Reliability


Asonor – Simplest Method to End Snore

Asonor is the simplest way of getting rid of snoring and its harmful impacts. Just few pumps of Asonor ensure you sound sleep and healthy life.

Asonor – Clinically Proven Remedy for Snore

Asonor is an invention of comprehensive clinical studies carried out by leading scientists and University Hospitals in London and Copenhagen. During the 6 month testing period, more than 70% of the patients who use the product on daily basis have experienced considerably reduced snoring or no snoring at all.

Asonor Ends up all – from Ordinary to Heavy Snore

Whether you have an ordinary snoring or heavy snoring, Asonor ensures you snore free sleep without any side effects. If you often suffer from problems like day time tiredness, a dry mucous membrane and high blood pressure accompanied with snoring, Asonor is one of the best snoring aids for you.

Asonor – the Best Alternative for Laser Treatment

Asonor is better than other Snoring aids. Other treatments for snoring such as laser treatments and anti snoring sleeping devices prove to be just short term remedy apart from grabbing you in certain health risks and side effects, which cannot be treated. Asonor is clinically proven, simplest and easiest remedy, which helps to cure snore. Just few pump of Asonor ensure you sound sleep without snore.

Our address

TannerMedico A/S SCION-DTU Science Park Agern Allé 1-3 2970 Horsholm Denmark
phone: +45 70204093 fax: +45 70204094 e-mail: [email protected]
web: www.asonor.com


SCION-DTU is an international science park with roots in the university environment located in 100 hectares of inspiring surroundings and more than 180,000 square metres of facilities in Hørsholm and Kgs. Lyngby the SCIENCE PARK interact with 170 companies and 4,000 employees every day – specialised in biotechnology, nanotechnology, environmental technology, medico and other high-tech sectors.

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