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Unlike drinking alcohol, smoking cigarettes, and a list of other addictions or bad habits, you can’t just use sheer will to quit snoring. Snoring is the harsh or hoarse sound that is caused by air flowing past relaxed muscles and tissues in the throat. As a result, this causes them to vibrate and make the snoring sound. To put it more simply, snoring is the noisy breathing that others hear when you’re sleeping. Thus, what do we know about snoring and why is there often concern about it? According to Johns Hopkins University and the National Sleep Foundation, here are some interesting statistics that were revealed by several sleep and snoring research studies:
  • 25% of all Americans snore on a regular basis, 45% snore occasionally, and roughly 10% of all children are snorers
  • 40% of all men snore on a regular basis compared to 24% of all women
  • 56% of all individuals who have a sleeping partner that snores regularly claim that it is adversely affecting their well-being
  • 59% of regular snorers are aware that they snore
  • Most significantly, snoring is the 3rd leading cause of divorce and relationship break-ups in the US
While occasional snoring isn’t a cause for alarm and is mostly an annoyance for the person sleeping with you, chronic loud snoring disrupts your partner’s quality of sleep as well as your own. On a more serious note, frequent snoring can be a symptom of a sleep disorder known as OSA or obstructive sleep apnea. If you snore loudly, if your sleeping partner notices that you occasionally stop breathing, or if you’re fatigued or overly sleepy during the day, it’s time to speak with a doctor. What causes you to snore? There could be a number of factors that contribute to this such as alcohol consumption, allergies, mouth anatomy, your weight, and others. The following 5 conditions can cause persistent snoring problems:
  • Chronic nasal congestion or a deviated septum (a crooked partition that separates the nostrils) contributes to snoring issues.
  • Drinking too much alcohol prior to bedtime can relax the muscles of the throat, obstruct the airway, and cause you to snore.
  • Extra tissues in the back of the throat or a soft, thick palate that results from being overweight can narrow the airway and cause snoring.
  • Not getting sufficient sleep (sleep deprivation) leads to throat relaxation and causes you to snore.
  • Sleeping on your back often causes frequent loud snoring.
Furthermore, there are several risk factors that may contribute to snoring. These include being overweight, drinking alcohol, a family history of snoring or OSA, a narrow airway, and nasal problems.

What is Asonor?

Research has found that, in many cases, snoring is attributed to a blocked or congested nose. Unblocking the nose can dramatically reduce the amount of snoring that you experience while sleeping. One of the more effective and popular ways to reduce the amount of snoring you do is Asonor Anti-snoring Spray and Snoring Solution. This product was developed by Tanner Medico, our company that recognized the need for a stronger anti-snoring solution in the form of a nasal spray. Asonor Anti-snoring Spray and Snoring Solution has been medically tested and clinically proven to reduce snoring in 3 out of every 4 individuals. Although it is not considered a cure for obstructive sleep apnea or OSA, it can relieve chronic snoring which is a symptom of the disorder. As mentioned above, snoring results when the back of your throat collapses against the tongue or from the formation of excess fatty tissues in the nasal cavity and throat. Both obstruct the airway and cause you to snore. A great deal of time and research went into the creation of Asonor Anti-snoring Spray and Snoring Solution in order to ensure that you and your sleeping partner will no longer have to worry about getting a good night’s sleep. You simply pump the nasal spray 4 or 5 times into each nostril at night before going to bed for snoring relief. We consider it one of the best anti-snoring solutions on the market today as it opens up nasal blockages and obstructions so you can get the quality of sleep you deserve.

Why Choose Asonor?

Despite all of the anti snoring devices and products available on the market today, few can compare with Asonor Anti-snoring Spray and Snoring Solution. If you’re still wondering why this anti-snoring nasal spray is so effective and why it should be your go-to snoring remedy, we were highly ranked where the efficacy (effectiveness) of our product was concerned. If you’re concerned about the ingredients in the spray, it is comprised of the following:
  • sodium chloride
  • glycerol
  • polysorbate 80
  • edetatesodium
  • potassium sorbate
  • Purified water or HPW (pH adjusted according to pH Eur)
All it takes is a few applications in the evening before bedtime and it will enable you to reduce your snoring within the first few days of using the product. To know more about our product or to get information about snoring, call now!

Asonor 30ml. Bottle:

Asonor® contains: Sodium chloride, glycerol, polysorbate 80, edetatesodium, Potassium sorbate and HPW (pH Adjusted and according to ph eur) Application:  Nasal application. Dosage: 4-6 pumps for each nostril at bedtime. You should be able to feel the solution in the throat. For instruction read here Adverse effect:  No adverse effect has been detected after treatment. Packing:  Nasal delivery system,  30 ml. Sufficient for approx 25-30  treatments. CE:  CE-marked in conformity with the EEC Directive 93/42/EEC. US FDA CDER listing:  Labeler code 024804, NDC 24804*001, Reg. # 3005919226, FEI # 3005919226 ARTG No.:  219685 GMDN No.:  59281 NPN:  80042277

Manufactured by:

TannerMedico A/S DTU Science Park Agern Allé 1-3 2970 Horsholm Denmark

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Asonor manufactures and markets one of the world’s most effective anti snoring products and snoring aids, which help to reduce an individual’s snoring one day at a time, scientifically.

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