UN’s Sustainable Development Goals

Global sustainability challenges call for concerted efforts by business and industry, and government authorities. TannerMedico A/S wants to contribute to achieving the UN’s global goals for sustainable development.

In 2016, in good company with Global Compact companies all over the world, TannerMedico A/S put the UN’s new global goals for sustainable development on its agenda. In its sustainability strategy up to 2025, TannerMedico A/S has identified the below five main goals as our priorities: Good health and well-being, decent work and economic growth, REDUCED GREENHOUSE GAS EMISSIONS, SUPPLIER ASSESSMENT AND MONITORING, INTERNAL GOVERNANCE

Below we demonstrate how we strive to achieve UN’s global goals for sustainable development.

  • TannerMedico A/S contributes to health and life quality in people.

  • TannerMedico A/S assures its value chain with partners with good ethic values.

  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions by targeting energy consumption and transportation. 

  • Our long-term objective for managing supplier sustainability performance is to establish a clear overview of all their operations in relation to our Supplier Code of Conduct.

  • Deliver value for our stakeholders and secure clear internal processes to ensure alignment with the UN Global Compact. To constantly develop Governance: Complete ISO 14001 certification and ensure relevant planning for ISO 45001 certification.