Sustainability has the top priority in TannerMedico A/S. We want to take our share of responsibility and contribute to solving the global health and sustainability challenges.

We develop medical and health supplement products, reducing waste, and launching excellent new products with everyday environment-friendly choices. For years we have been actively engaged in efforts to preserve the rainforest, and we work firmly to ensure that the raw materials we use in our products do not contribute to deforestation.

In our sustainability strategy, we have set clear objectives for our work up to 2025. We have identified and highlighted five main focus areas in which TannerMedico A/S’s efforts will be essential for society and our long-term value creation. Sustainable growth is the new norm for business and industry. As a significant Danish company, TannerMedico A/S is responsible for leading the way in our industry.

In 2019, we joined other Global Compact companies worldwide in placing the new UN global Sustainable Development Goals as our priority.

UN’s Sustainable Development Goals

TannerMedico A/S wants to contribute to achieving UN’s global goals for sustainable development.
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