What cause snoring?

Snoring arises when breathing is obstructed. This can be caused by a cold or an anatomical irregularity in the nose or throat.However, the most common cause of snoring is that the muscles in and around the throat relax too much when one is asleep.

This means that the opening in the throat becomes narrow, and air has difficulty in passing.As one requires the same amount of air to the lungs, the air intake speed increases. Pressure in the throat increases, and the uvula and soft palate begin to vibrate.The noise produced by these vibrations is called snoring.

How does Asonor® work?

Asonor® removes the main cause of snoring. Asonor® lubricates and softens the mucous membrane in the throat. This means that breathing is not disturbed in anyway, and that your mouth will not be as dry in the morning.

Direction for use

Asonor® solution is used every evening before bedtime.

Tilt the head back, and pump 4 to6 times in each nostril, until you can feel the solution in your throat.

In order to achieve the best results it is very important that the solution reaches and coats the mucous membrane of the throat.

In some cases, the desired resultis not achieved immediately.However, consistent use of Asonor®is recommended until the desired effect is obtained, normally within two weeks. Asonor should be used every night.


Sodium Chloride0.90%
Edetatesodium, PW, Potassium Sorbate15%


1 bottle Asonor® contain 30ML, sufficient for 1 month of use.


  • Keep out of reach of Children
  • Pump contains small parts.

Asonor® is not a treatment or cure for obstructive sleep apnea. Contact your physician for further advice if you feel you have symptoms.

Asonor® is a registered trademark

Manufactured By

TannerMedico A/S
DTU Science Park
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2970 Horsholm


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