It is obvious that snoring occurs due to the obstruction in the nasal passage and throat. It can range from mild to severe. The daily occurrence of heavy snoring can be the symptom of many underlying physiological problems linked with the respiratory system of a person. Snoring is very common among the adults and even in the adolescents. It has been found that most of the cases are linked with elevated body mass index and sedentary lifestyle. The occurrence of snoring can lead to many issues too. This is why there are eclectic devices and medicated solutions that aid a person to get rid of the problem permanently. There are certain ways to stop snoring naturally. On proper mixing the available remedies, one can easily avoid snoring and enjoy a sound sleep every night. The exact use of snoring products will lead to a better airflow through the nasal passage by overcoming the blockage in the path. Use these remedies aptly to avoid snoring.

Why snoring occurs?

Due to the decreased diameter of the nasal passage, the airflow is obstructed while sleeping. Breathing occurs in an abnormal way causing the tissues in the nasal passage to vibrate more. The vibration often reaches to an extended limit causing a snoring sound. The excessive nasal tissue or the floppy tissue causes the vibration to increase and the snoring sound escalates over time. On the other hand, the position of the person’s tongue can also cause snoring.

Age related issues

Snoring starts to appear specifically during the middle age. A person starts to gain some weight and the nasal passages become narrower. In fact, the tonicity of the muscles also reduces with time. The changes in lifestyle also cause snoring. Stress and distorted bedtime routines are also responsible to cause snoring among the individuals.

Elevated Body Mass Index

With the changes in lifestyle, the body mass index also increases causing the inflation of the tissues in the nasal passage. The reduction in the diameter of the nasal passage will lead to air obstruction while breathing. At night, the muscles in this region relax and increase in size causing the lumen of the passage to reduce even more. This is why snoring aggravates.

Consumption of alcohol and medications

Consuming alcohol before going to bed can be the reason behind snoring. The muscles relax even more when you consume alcohol above the limit. The degree of snoring will automatically increase. On the other hand, a few of the medications such as sedatives also impart the same effect on the muscles. In some cases, snoring has been linked with smoking as well.

There are other causes of snoring such as nasal problems, sinus issues, etc. When you sleep on your back, your tongue relaxes and recedes back causing obstruction in the throat region. The air passage reduces in size even more. People tend to snore less when they lay down on their sides. Continuous snoring can lead to various issues and indicate physiological complications. It is better to visit a doctor and finding out the reasons behind the problem so that a proper remedy can be utilized.

How to use anti snoring products?

First, you have to learn about the different snoring products available in the market. The external devices designed by the experts allow the air to pass normally without getting obstructed thus reducing the degree of snoring to a minimum. Besides the mechanical aids, there are medicated products too to aid this process. Here is the list of items that can help you to get rid of snoring for good.

Nasal dilator

This innovative device stops your nostril from collapsing and giving an unhindered passage of air while breathing when you sleep. The design can be easily set to your nostrils keeping them open throughout the night thus allowing you to breathe properly.

These devices can be easily fixed to your nose to maintain the nostril lumen. The tissues will not vibrate inside and you will enjoy a sound sleep.

Mandibular advancements

As mentioned earlier, when you fall asleep, your entire body relaxes as your muscles rest. The tongue tends to relax too and shorten in size. Moreover, when you sleep with your mouth open, the tongue recedes and blocks the throat. If your mouth is open, you cannot breathe through your nostrils. This is where the mandibular advancement devices can help you to keep your in position thus stopping the tongue to recede. The jaw support will keep your lower jaw at its position and stop the tissues from vibrating.

Anti snoring solution

Asonor is the best among the anti snoring products described here. This is a clinically approved formulation that anyone can use to stop snoring. This perfected solution comes in a plastic bottle with a nozzle. A few drops of this solution in each nostril will provide free flow of air when you are sleeping. This solution is the ideal way to stop snoring permanently.

Why use Asonor?

Asonor is the perfect remedy a person can use to stop snoring. This product is specifically designed to ensure free passage of air during breathing. The solution can be administered easily due to the excellent plastic packaging. The best part of this anti snoring product is that you will not have to feel uncomfortable while using the anti snoring devices.

This solution is far better than using the mandibular devices and nasal dilators. These devices are hard to get habituated with. The uneasiness will disrupt your sleep even more. It will take time to get used to these enhancements. This is where the elegance of Asonor comes into the picture.


Apart from changing your lifestyle and maintaining healthy habits, using these remedies will aid you to sleep properly at night. Using Asonor, the anti snoring solution will be ideal from all aspects. This is how you can use the anti snoring products and get rid of your snoring problem.

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You do not need a prescription to buy Asonor.
In most countries you can buy Asonor at your local Pharmacies or you can order Asonor online safe and easy here.

One should use Asonor every evening before going to bed. Please avoid eating, drinking or brushing your teeth after taking Asonor, as this will reduce the effectiveness of the product.

Tilt your head back and pump into each nostril until you can feel the solution in your throat. Usually, 4 to 6 pumps in each nostril are sufficient. The liquid solution should not remain in the nose, as the effect takes place once it can be felt in the throat.

The pump delivery system has been designed to work in any direction for easy application and deliver a “jet-stream” of the solution rather than a spray or atomization (which other nose drops products use) to avoid the solution staying in the nose.

Generally, Asonor will be effective from the first night, but in rare cases the effect will not take place for up to 14 days after beginning of use.

See the Asonor how-to-use Video:

Asonor effectively removes the cause of snoring. It is an easy and simple treatment, which relieves you from many if the nuisances snoring causes. Asonor lubricates and softens the mucous membranes in the throat, whilst also slightly tightening the musculature in the throat. This means that breathing becomes easy and unobstructed, and furthermore prevents the dry mouth that many snorers complain about in the morning.

With 4 to 6 pumps in each nostril before going to bed, the effect of the treatment will normally begin to abate after 7 to 8 hours.

If the effect starts to abate earlier or to prolong the effect, increase the dosage to 6-7 pumps in each nostril.

Yes, everyone can use the product.

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