Snore irregularly is ok, you do not need to bother about. But, constant snoring at the night can disturb the sleep. It causes daytime fatigue, irritability, and serious health problem.  As per the research, three out of the four people suffer from the sleep apnea disorder.

There are many solutions available in the market to stop the snoring. But, which one can effective for your partner is challenging to find out. If you are feeling helpless on how to reduce the snoring, then follow this guide for overcoming the problem of snoring.

how to avoid snoring

Start making your sleep diary: There are many factors behind snoring, so for finding out which is your factor you should maintain a diary. Keep a notebook beside you and ask your partner to notice when you snore more or less. You can also add the detail of your dinner; when you smoked or had alcohol last and at what time you went to the sleep. By the way, if you’re planning to switch to e cigarette, be sure to buy the best vapor starter kit

Lose some weight: Sometimes, weight is also become the factor for snoring. Extra pounds on your body can narrow your airway and make your night time breathing heavier and restrict the respiratory system. So, if you are quite overweight then reducing weight can be beneficial.

Exercise: The person who does exercise less, there are chances of snoring more to him. Weak muscles around your airway are more likely to collapse easily while you sleep. Less or no exercise may trigger the snoring. Regular exercise tones up your arms, legs and throat muscles that helps to reduce the weight and snoring.

Get enough sleep: Late night work and early morning stress can also cause snoring. Less sleep can make your head overtired and throat muscles weak which causes the snoring. Avoid late night work and get enough sleep is one of the best solution to avoid snoring.

Quit Smoking: Excessive amount of smoking and alcohol not only cause the snoring, but also invite the other health issues. Smoking blocks your airways and contributes a lot to snoring.

Change your sleeping position : Sleep on your side instead of back can ease your breathing and jaw to move forward. There are specifically designed pillow available in the market to prevent the snoring but make sure your neck muscle should not crimped.



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