Yes, it is true snoring can get worse with the passing years. You may have tried a lot of things to stop hearing your partners snoring but nothing may have worked against this loud throaty sound coming every night.

Snoring can start at any age. There is nothing like that it occurs only as you age. But it cannot be normal to snore at any age. Old age people use snoring aids to get a control over it.

Specifically snoring happens when throat get narrow while sleeping because it reflexes the throat to keep openly relaxed while you sleep. Those loud sounds you hear is turbulence caused by the air you breathe that is forced through the narrow space.

Snoring get worse as getting older

As you get older there are various aspects that affect your body more:

Increased weight

When you are becoming older you tend to do fewer activities than earlier. Even if you use to be a regular gym goes but somehow it decreases as the year’s pass. Increase in an age means increased responsibly. As the time passes, you may find gain in weight and suddenly climbing stairs become a huge task. Therefore you will begin to snore and get worse if you already use to.

Change in muscle tone

As you become older the muscle tone will become weaker which is called flaccidity. The palate and uvula are the reason behind snoring as they air vibrates while passes. Thus with decreased muscle tone it gets relaxed and vibrates more. It causes snoring even more.


As you get older, more and more drugs you consume and with the age, its consequences began to haunt you. And if you use to drink alcohol and do smoking in earlier days, it is also going to show the aftereffect now. You will start snoring worsen than before.

The drugs do relax your muscles of throat leading to narrow the airway which makes breathing more difficult. Moreover, with long-term use of drugs make you breathe through nose harder and forces to breathe using the mouth. It makes snoring worse.

Congestion in nose

Each second your nose is working by supplying oxygen to your body. But it is not just the air you breathe in, your nose inhales dust, viral bacteria and gets an infection as well as allergy. With the passing time, you find it more difficult in breathing normally due to congestion and swelling in the nasal cavity.

A blockage and narrowing in this airway breeds to snoring hence this get worse with the passing years.

Hormonal changes

Every time people think only men snore not women. But according to the statistic, 30% of women snore regularly. If they are going to have menopause, they can snore. The snoring comes in older women is due to a decreased level of estrogen that makes throat muscles relax.

There is no need to suffer this snoring for whole life. A lot of remedies are available that can help you out, use the snoring device for better help.


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