When your throat receives air particles during sleep, it causes relaxation of the tissues and vibrates, thus giving out a harsh sound in the form of snores. Besides the general idea of people getting irritated about snoring, it can lead to severe health conditions such as sleep apnea and obesity.

The reasons for snoring can be many, ranging from stressful work life to excessive levels of alcohol consumption. Irrespective of the causal factor, snoring is dangerous in the long-run. From using anti-snoring productsto entering a strict diet life, many individuals lack awareness on how to reduce and stop snoring. So, here are some of the probable ways to overcome, and prevent oneself from getting snores and achieve a good night’s sleep.

8 Best Remedies and Methods to Control Snoring

For severe and prolonged cases of snoring, a physician’s recommendation of the best practise to control is required. But for milder phases, the following measures can be helpful to have control over your snoring behaviour:

  1. Smoking Cigarettes:

By smoking tobacco and other related products, you block the nasal and throat passage, hence irritating the connected muscles. And since the passage gets blocked by smoke, the chances are likely that you get snore sounds while you sleep. Thus, stop smoking. Practise measures such as nicotine patch and consume rehab-suggested gums to restrict yourself from smoking, eventually stopping snoring too.

  1. Psychotic Drugs:

Many people affected with psychotic disorders and a few neurotic diseases would get drugs such as antidepressants and antipsychotics to control their symptoms. But on a negative note, the main side effect of these drugs is weight gain. This sudden weight gain will cause an unconscious snoring attitude. Besides snoring, OSA or Obstructive Sleep Apnea might also occur upon continuous usage. The only way to resolve this issue here is to reduce the level of dosage, or on the better side, go with a natural treatment option to control your psychological symptoms.

  1. Sleep Posture:

The position or posture of sleep matters a lot in snoring. The type of snore you get denotes what sort of internal problem you may have, depending solely on the sleeping posture. A few individuals get disturbed by snoring sounds even if they sleep straight (laid-back). So, the only solution to control or prevent snoring is to change your present posture of sleeping. Try sleeping on the side alternatively if you are a straight sleeper or vice-versa.

  1. Medical Conditions:

There might be a condition where a pre-existing medical condition can trigger snoring when sleeping. Cold, influenza, and sinus are some of the most common medical conditions that block the nasal passage and release snore sounds. It is advisable to use a nasal strip, neti pot, decongestant, or even an anti-snoring nasal spray to help yourself get relieved from snoring as well as the physiological issue. Even drinking hot water and warm milk is a suitable option to achieve a peaceful, snore-free sleep-wake cycle.

  1. Physical Fitness:

It is an unsaid rule that individuals who are overweight and obese are highly prone to snoring and other sleep-related disturbances (due to fatty muscles formed near the neck region). Physical fitness plays a vital role in maintaining your body and mind at the optimum level. By having a regular exercise routine and following a healthy diet chart, you will see a vast difference in your snoring habits. Try specific workouts that strengthen the muscle fibres and keep the body relaxed. Because, when your physical body is balanced and healthy, then your mental fitness is eventually going to be impacted positively.

  1. Bedroom Environment:

Your surrounding environment is a notable influencer to snoring. When the room is not sufficiently air-conditioned or if the walls are tightly packed, then it can affect your sleeping routine and may trigger snoring. For such situations, have your room neatly arranged, keep the corners free from any visible dust particles, and also have better fan speed. Never let yourself suffocate or feel breathless as it can even cause sleep apnea and might lead to cardiac issues. So, make sure that you sleep in a tidy, breezy environment because a relaxed sleep helps cut down excessive snoring sounds.

  1. Staying Hydrated:

One of the cost-effective means to stop or at least reduce the snoring sounds is to drink plenty of water. Keeping your body well-hydrated is always an advantage and gives better health benefits. However, it is also a fact that drinking enough levels of water helps restrict oneself from snoring loud. This pointer may not work with other fluids since there are chances to lose your water level out of the body more than you consume first. So, it is better to choose water over other liquids and make sure to keep yourself hydrated and fresh all day. This way, you will stop snoring gradually and also experience other health advantages like enhanced memory and energetic daytime.

  1. Head Elevation:

We now understand that the posture of sleeping can affect the pattern and may lead to issues of snoring and even sleep apnea. But specific to positioning your body, the head should be slightly elevated from the body. Using a soft cotton pillow or a straight bed with a rotatable turner works for this. The reason for this specific head raised position is because it will ease your breathing process and even during times of cold and cough, your nose may be free from blockage. Overall, it gives a better sleep and snore-free relaxation period.

Ending Thoughts

Before purchasing any anti-snoring products or getting into a vigorous diet plan, make sure you understand the type (s) of snoring you get. We noted how sleeping position, food intake, water imbalance, and even other medical conditions trigger snoring behaviour. So, have a proper evaluation of your bodily conditions and employ an ideal control strategy that works best for your body. Though the measures discussed above work for all individuals, it is always better to ask for a physician’s opinion before getting into the action.

So, wait no more and try these methods to control your snoring habit.


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