Snoring is mostly the result of unhealthy lifestyle habits that adversely affect your well-being. The sooner you realize this, the better off you will be. Common habits such as smoking, alcohol consumption, eating unhealthy food at irregular hours, longer working hours, extreme physical exhaustion, overwork, insomnia, and many others like it do not only cause snoring but these also elevate the risk of diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart stroke.

None of these can be controlled in a day or two and as such, they demand a closer look and a radical transformation in your everyday routine.

So, why do I snore?
Snoring is a form of sleep apnea, but not all snorers have sleep apnea either. This diagnosis is only done post sleep assessment by a sleep expert. Once confirmed, it shall be treated as an incurable illness that has only treatments and remedies at disposal.

Some of the home remedies include the following –
1.Exercising on a daily basis: Exercise has many health benefits including putting a stop to snoring. You may start to see the results soon provided that you apply yourself and follow a strict regimen prepared by a certified weight-loss expert.

2.Get complete 7 to 8 hours sleep: Proper sleep leads to proper functioning of the body. Right from the digestive system to the blood circulation depends on the amount of rest your body gets each night. Try to get up to 8 hours of sound sleep every night for best results.

3.Keep your bed, pillows and home clean: Unhygienic surroundings are one of the primary causes of snoring. Dust particles get into pillow cases and make a home there unless washed. When you go to sleep, these dust particles hinder your breathing process by blocking the air passage inside of you. It is best to get therapeutic pillows with appropriate pillow covers that don’t allow dust to settle or trap inside the fabric.

4.Get shots during flu season: Although this is not exactly a home remedy, it is however a basic one. During the flu season, your local clinic will offer free flu shots, do not ignore them. Snoring gets even worse when you are sick. Not only you are unable to breathe, but it gets even louder.

5.Clear nasal passages: If you are experiencing dry or stuffy nose, rinse such sinus with saline water before bed. You may use nasal strips to help facilitate breathing. Sinuses can occur due to allergies from dust or even pet hair.

6.Keep the air inside your home a bit moist: Dryness irritates the inner membranes of the throat and the nose, so maintain a decent amount of humidity inside your room.

7.Use a chin strap and a mouth guard: Both of these snoring solutions are easy to use. A mouth guard is simply placed on your lower jaw or tongue during sleep. And a chin strap keeps your jaw steady and aids those who sleep with their mouth wide open.


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