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Snoring is an unwelcome annoyance. As much as it harms the snorer, its existence equally bothers the loved ones who are sharing the same bed or a room. Though it is classified as a chronic illness and one of the symptoms of sleep apnea, snoring in itself is a much complex issue to comprehend. Like stress, snoring isn’t a physical entity that can be surgically removed although some forms of surgical methods do exist under extreme circumstances.

Even today snoring has no definitive cure, but effective sleep apnea treatments do exist. To get started with treatments, a thorough sleep assessment is necessary. This helps to understand the cause of sleep apnea following which a course of treatment is prescribed by a medical professional.

What is the most common cause of sleep apnea?
Sleep apnea is a culmination of symptoms of which snoring is one major part and so is insomnia, frequent headaches, lack of concentration, lack of appetite and the list goes on and on. Some of common causes of sleep apnea are noted as under.
●Overwork, repeated physical exhaustion
●Excessive consumption of alcohol
●Food consumption at irregular hours
●Sedentary lifestyle
●Stress, illicit drug consumption, etc.

What are some of the effective sleep apnea treatments available today?
Since sleep apnea is wide-ranged, its treatments also vary greatly. For instance, to curb snoring, there are a number of treatment options. Some of these snoring treatments involve using anti-snoring devices, let’s discuss what these effective devices are.

●Nasal Spray: A modern and effective solution to temporarily relax constricted throat and nasal air passageway is by using Asonor Nasal Spray. After using it just a couple of times during the night, you will be able to breathe normally without the disturbing noise emanating from your throat or nose.

●Mouth Guard: Those who snore due to the action of the tongue, will find relief with a mouth guard that is designed to keep the tongue straight and in its place. When the tongue falls back, it blocks the airway and hence, more force is applied to inhale thus causing sheer noise.

●Chin Strap: Like a mouth guard, a chin strap helps to keep the jaw steady. It benefits those who have a habit of sleeping with their mouth open. Not only is the intensity of the snore much louder in this case, it also applies immense pressure on the heart that may even lead to a heart attack.

●CPAP Machine: A simple machine that supplies continuous positive airway pressure via a mask that encapsulates the nose and the mouth. Generally, a chin strap and a CPAP machine go hand-in-hand.

●Nasal Dilators: For those suffering from a deviated septum or sinuses, nasal dilators are a cheap and practical option. These are easy to find at any drug store and simple to use as well.

In cases when none of these anti-snoring devices yield any positive result, do consult your physician for other treatment options.


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