According to the Mayo Clinic, snoring is defined as the harsh or hoarse sound that results when air flows past relaxed tissues in your throat, causing the tissues to vibrate as you breathe.”  Nearly every person snores occasionally, but for some individuals, it’s often a chronic issue.  In the more severe cases, it can indicate a far more serious underlying health condition known as sleep apnea.  Furthermore, chronic snoring can have an adverse effect on relationships. When one partner snores, the bed partner is unable to get a restful night’s sleep due to the constant noise. Thus, both the snorer and the partner are affected. Over a period, both suffer with mood swings, daytime drowsiness, behavioral changes, poor alertness and higher irritability. This affects the relationship adversely.

The most recent studies have estimated that 45% of all men and 30% of all women snore regularly.  Not only does this hinder the snorer’s quality of sleep but also that of their partner or other family members who are nearby.  In the more severe cases, a couple may resort to sleeping in separate rooms.  Evidence from other studies suggests that chronic or severe snoring can cause thickening of a person’s carotid arteries and elevate the risk of stroke.

Potential Health Risks of Snoring

Many individuals often think of snoring as an annoying or even embarrassing side effect of sleeping.  However, before you write off your snoring as a normal part of your life, think about this:  individuals whose snoring is attributed to sleep apnea are at a 40% higher risk of dying sooner than their peers.  That because sleep apnea is associated with a number of health problems ranging from depression to heart disease to stroke.

If you’re a chronic snorer or have been diagnosed with sleep apnea, here are 11 issues linked to sleep apnea and snoring that you should be aware of:

  • arrhythmias
  • being overweight
  • decreased sexual satisfaction
  • fetal complications
  • GERD (gastroesophageal reflux disease)
  • headaches and migraines
  • heart disease
  • injuries attributed to sleep deprivation
  • mental health issues
  • stroke

While snoring is often one of the most common symptoms of sleep apnea, not everyone who snores has the disorder. One thing is certain. Chronic or frequent snoring hinders sleep quality and can wreak havoc with the oxygen-carbon dioxide balance in your body whereas mild or primary snoring doesn’t provoke these effects.

Treatment Options – Nasal Sprays

There are several treatment options that many consider when it comes to the treatment of snoring such as CPAP machines, lifestyle changes, nasal and oral appliances, and surgical procedures.  There is also a variety of anti-snoring nasal sprays to consider.  However, the question that often arises is “do snoring sprays work?” In many instances, snoring can be attributed to blocked nasal passages caused by allergies or colds.

Using one of the many OTC nasal snore sprays available on the market can help to unblock your nose and dramatically reduce your risk of snoring.  However, not all nasal sprays are the same.  So it’s important to choose the appropriate type in order to treat the cause of your nasal blockage.  These causes might include:

  • alcohol and smoking
  • allergies
  • anatomical or structural issues within the nose
  • certain medications
  • climate
  • colds and flu
  • hormonal fluctuations
  • pollution

Keep in mind that not all nasal snore sprays are alike.  There are basically 6 types of nasal sprays to be aware of:

Anticholinergic sprays

Unlike steroid sprays, these treat runny noses but don’t relieve congestion and inflammation.

Antihistamine nasal sprays

Are ideal for the treatment of nasal blockages attributed to allergies and relieve stuffy noses by reducing inflammation.

Decongestant nasal sprays

These work by constricting dilated blood vessels in the nose, thereby widening nasal passages and making breathing easier.

Mast cell inhibitors

If you have seasonal allergies and know when their symptoms are going to kick in, this type of nasal spray will help.

Non-medicated saline sprays

These sprays are a mixture of salt and water that help by moisturizing nasal passageways and soothing inflammation; they can also break down mucus.

Steroid nasal  sprays

These work like antihistamines and reduce inflammation; they can be used to treat allergies, nasal polyps, and non-allergic rhinitis.

There are two types of sprays to consider when treating snoring – anti- snore sprays such as Asonor Anti-snoring Solution and nasal sprays.  So how do they differ? Most anti- snore sprays are aimed at the back of the throat while the way in which nasal sprays are used is obvious.  While most anti- snore sprays are typically geared towards mouth snorers, nasal sprays reduce the risk of snoring by unblocking nasal passages.

Choosing the best Anti-snoring Spray

With the number of choices available today, choosing the best anti-snoring nasal spray can be challenging.  After all, there is no one-size-fits-all anti-snoring solution.  Most nasal sprays work by decongesting blocked nasal passages during sleep so you can breathe easier and reduce the risk of snoring.  Most products, such as Asonor Anti-snoring Solution are available without a prescription.  Just be wary that some of the ingredients in certain sprays can cause dependency and shouldn’t be used regularly.

When choosing an anti-snoring nasal spray, here are several factors to consider prior to making your decision:

  • Read the customer feedback and reviews of each product that you’re considering.
  • Determine whether or not the product is cost-prohibitive based on the frequency of use and its size.
  • The more discomfort you experience when using the product, the less likely you’ll be to continue using it.
  • The company should stand behind its product and offer it to consumers risk-free.

Do snoring sprays work? Asonor Anti-snoring Solution has been medically tested and clinically proven effective at reducing snoring in 75% of the individuals tested.  To learn more, e-mail your questions to [email protected]. Our business representatives are available to answer your queries and help you get the required information. Call us now.


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