In order to find the right solution for snoring and learn how to cure snoring, two of the most important factors to consider are how it impacts your relationship and the type of snoring that affects it.  In many cases, the effects of snoring are overlooked.  However, one thing is certain – it can adversely affect a relationship.  Furthermore, it can lead to cognitive issues that can quickly result in guilt and resentment.  In addition to all this, it can damage emotional and physical intimacy, eventually leading to marital problems.

What are the 4 different Types of Snoring?

If you snore or are the partner of someone who does, you might wonder why the sound of their snoring varies.  This is due to the different types of snoring that can occur.  While snoring is usually an indication that your body isn’t breathing as smoothly as it should, those different snoring sounds can reveal what’s causing it.  At Asonor, we’re here to help you understand the causes of snoring and provide you with an effective solution that will enable you to keep peace in your relationship.

There are 4 different forms of snoring to be aware of when trying to find the right solution for snoring.  These include mouth-based, nose-based, throat-based, and tongue-based snoring explained as follows:

Mouth-based snoring

This type of snoring typically occurs when a person breathes through their mouth, not their nose. It’s usually caused by blocked nasal passages, enlarged tonsils, or weak palate tissues.

Nose-based snoring

Blocked nostrils are commonly the cause of this type of snoring and can result from:

  • allergies, cold or flu
  • certain types of medications
  • deviated septum
  • smoking
  • Once you determine what is causing the blockage in your nose, you can have it treated accordingly. Some of the more common snoring treatments involve correcting your deviated septum with surgery, doing a nasal rinse, quitting smoking, taking allergy medication, or using nasal strips.

Throat-based snoring

This is the loudest from of snoring and typically the most dangerous of the 4 types. Throat-based snoring is usually a sign or symptom of sleep apnea and involves an obstruction in the airway. The obstruction usually results when the tissues in the back of your throat collapse during sleep.

Tongue-based snoring

When your tongue becomes too relaxed during sleep, it can lead to tongue-based snoring. Tongue-based snoring is associated with people who drink alcohol, have excessive neck fat, sleep on their backs, or take sedatives (sleep medications).

It’s important to keep in mind that these different types of snoring don’t just interfere with your sleep; they interfere with your partner’s quality of sleep and can eventually lead to problems in your relationship. If you want to know how to cure snoring, it will most likely require finding the right solution for snoring.

How does Snoring affect Your Relationship?

Recent studies have shown have the volume of a person’s snoring could adversely affect their partner’s hearing.  Sleep studies have recorded snoring volumes in excess of 80 dB which is equivalent to the noise level of a jackhammer or motorcycle.  This can be embarrassing or upsetting when traveling and the person who’s snoring may feel as though they’re personally responsible for the failure of the relationship.  Snoring can lead to other more personal issues as well.

One study found that the lack of quality sleep can adversely affect sexual performance in both men and women.  Men with poor quality of sleep were more prone to ED while women who didn’t get good quality sleep had difficulties reaching orgasm.  Couples who have problems sleeping with one another often find themselves at odds.  This can make it difficult for them to enjoy being together at night.  Though they could sleep in separate rooms, this could lead to problems where intimacy and love are concerned.

More Effects of Snoring on Relationships

Snoring is a common issue in the US.  In fact, statistics show that nearly 50% of all adults snore at some time.  Using a backpack or extra pillows may help, especially if you tend to sleep on your back.  These will prevent you from sleeping in that position and help you sleep on your side.  Additionally, avoiding drinking alcohol too close to bedtime can help reduce your snoring episodes.  This is especially true if you already suffer with a sleeping disorder.

Depending on the severity of it, your snoring could lead to serious health issues and problems.  However, it can also be treated by finding the right solution for snoring.  It’s essential that you understand what’s causing your snoring before searching for a cure or treatment.  If left untreated, chronic snoring can lead to serious medical problems including an inability to focus and low libido.  In addition to this, sleep apnea can cause arrhythmia, hypertension, and stroke.

Don’t overlook the seriousness of snoring in your relationship.  The main reason that snoring causes a wedge in relationships is that the bed partner is not able to sleep properly due to the constant noise. They either move out to another room, eliminating the intimacy in the relationship or get poor sleep, which in turn leads to mood swings, irritability and sleep deprivation.

There are numerous lifestyle changes, products, and treatment solutions that can help you save you and your partner’s relationship. One such product that has been clinically proven to be effective in 75% of the cases studied is Asonor Anti-snoring Spray and Snoring Solution by TannerMedico. The product resulted from countless hours of research and studies regarding the different aspects and causes of snoring. Don’t let chronic snoring keep damaging your relationship. If you’ve been searching for the ideal anti-snoring solution for you or your partner, e-mail your questions at your earliest convenience to [email protected].


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