Have you been struggling to sleep properly? Is it due to snoring? Well, we can imagine how difficult it might be to work with sleep deprivation. That is why it is important to improve sleep quality and find a solution to stop snoring. Although there are many known ways to stop snoring, you’d be surprised to know that there are surgical ways to eliminate snoring. However, surgery is only done when there are physical reasons such as a deviated septum or enlarged adenoids that are diagnosed as a cause for snoring.

Did you know that snoring is a harbinger of multiple health issues, not just an irritant?

Most of us know are aware that snoring happens when your breathing gets obstructed while sleeping and causes the structures within the throat to start vibrating. In many cases, snoring not only deprives you of quality sleep, it adversely affects your partner or spouse and often leads to problems in your relationship. So, if your partner complains about your snoring, he or she has most likely noticed that your snoring is caused by breathing through your mouth or mouth breathing.

Consequently, mouth snoring is one of the 4 common types of snoring that are widely recognized among the sleep research community. Research has found that mouth breathing can result from numerous issues including:

  • blocked nasal passages caused by allergies or colds
  • a deviated septum
  • enlarged adenoids or tonsils
  • excess chin weight that pulls the mouth open
  • weak jaw muscles

When you lie down to sleep, this compounds the above issues. So, when breathing through your nose becomes difficult, you start breathing through your mouth and are more prone to mouth snoring. Addressing the issue with mouth taping for sleep may be one of several easy ways to stop snoring.

What is Mouth Taping?

Mouth taping is exactly what the name or phrase implies. Putting it simply, you tape your mouth shut before going to sleep using adhesive tape. This promotes nasal or nose breathing during sleep. Just keep in mind that the tape you use isn’t the same as the tape you would use to wrap birthday or Christmas presents. Mouth taping requires the use of unique adhesive strips that were specifically developed for this purpose.

Furthermore, these adhesive strips are easy to remove, are hypoallergenic, and attach perfectly to the lips so they don’t come off while you’re sleeping. In addition to this, each strip is vented so you can still breathe easily and sleep even if you’re congested. This is not a new phenomenon by any means. Although it has only become popular in recent years, the procedure dates back the early 19thcentury when Native American mothers would close their babies’ mouths during sleep to encourage nose breathing.

Benefits of Nose Breathing vs. the Risks of Mouth Breathing

While mouth taping for sleep is one of the easy ways to stop snoring, it’s important to compare the benefits of nose breathing to the risks of mouth breathing. The benefits of breathing through your nose can include:

  • decreasing anxiety and stress levels
  • filtering allergens out of the air you inhale
  • lowering your blood pressure
  • moisturizing your throat by humidifying the air you inhale
  • regulating your breath’s temperature

Conversely, mouth breathing typically means you’re not breathing properly and could easily result in problems such as:

  • bad breath (halitosis)
  • daytime fatigue or sleepiness
  • difficulties concentrating
  • dry mouth
  • gum (periodontal) disease
  • morning headaches
  • sore throat
  • tooth decay

Therefore, the goal of mouth taping for sleep is to retrain you to breathe through your nose and avoid the negative side effects listed above.

Is Mouth Taping for Sleepeffective?

While the goal of mouth taping is the reduction of negative side effects and re-routing breathing through the nose, studies up to this point have been inconclusive. So, it’s unclear as to whether or not this technique is beneficial. A small study group of 30 individuals snored less when using this technique. However, another study group of 36 individuals (who were also asthma sufferers) showed no visible signs of improvement in their snoring habits.

Additionally, a small 2022 study group of only 10 individuals continued trying to breathe through their mouths despite their mouth taping for sleep for sleep efforts. This is often referred to as “mouth puffing.”Unfortunately, there isn’t enough strong evidence to support mouth taping as being beneficial and rarely considered as a solution for mouth snoring. Rather than relying on this particular method as one of the easy ways to stop snoring, most experts recommend using alternative snoring relief methods. These include over the counter remedies such as chin straps, nasal strips and using CPAP machines.

Is Mouth Taping right for You?

If your partner or spouse has complained about your frequent loud snoring, you may have OSA or obstructive sleep apnea and should discuss this with your doctor. We want to make it clear that mouth taping shouldn’t be considered a substitute for a doctor’s diagnosis or sleep apnea treatment. If left untreated, sleep apnea can have numerous long-term consequences including diabetes, heart disease, hypertension, and stroke. That is why it is important to track the intensity of your snoring and if there is an increase or you stop breathing for a few seconds every night, during your snoring.

Although it may be considered one of several easy ways to stop snoring, mouth taping for sleep isn’t for everyone. For example, if breathing through your nose becomes increasingly more difficult, you shouldn’t try this anti-snoring method. As a clinically proven effective method for alleviating those snoring episodes, we recommend Asonor Anti-snoring Spray Solution.

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