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There are a number of factors like consuming alcohol before going to bed or having a large meal just an hour before you retire for the day that worsens the snoring problem. However, it is important to understand that these factors are just contributors to an already existing condition.

While lifestyle changes can help, the best anti snoring solution is to find and eliminate the underlying problem responsible for snoring.

Effect of sleeping position on snoring
Snoring is caused when the nasal passage and throat vibrate due to turbulent airflow when you breathe while sleeping. Sleeping on your back makes it easier for the airway to collapse not just because of internal but external factors like weight or your neck, chest pressing down, etc. as well. Gravity shifts the throat tissues to block proper airflow and cause snoring.
Apart from snoring, sleeping on the back can also result in sleep apnea, a condition where the airway completely collapses to pause the breathing. This problem can have severe and even life-threatening consequences.

Solutions to avoid snoring

If your snoring problem is due to the sleeping position, there are now a number of anti snoring solutions that you can try. You can find anti-snore pillows, bumper belts, postural alarms, vibrating neck bands, etc. that can help prevent this problem. Look for products from reputed brands to get the best results. Also, if you are suffering from sleep apnea, it is highly recommended that you also visit a physician for the treatment.

Preparing yourself for bed

Apart from the sleeping position, your sleeping habits can also aggravate snoring. For instance, if you are too exhausted and just want to hit the sack, try to relax for a while before you do so. A relaxing bath or shower or maybe some yoga exercises can help. You can also take short naps throughout the day to avoid snoring when you sleep at night.
While there are now many solutions to treat snoring, understanding the underlying problem is the best way to find long-lasting results. If the sleeping position is the cause of your snoring, remember the simple advice mentioned above and you are sure to experience considerable benefits.


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