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Snoring is nothing but a condition that generates sound due to obstructed breathing during sleep. The sound comes out from the mouth as the air passage is blocked for various reasons. This puts in some extra labor for our brain to just suck in oxygen and keep our body working.

What happens is, when we sleep all our muscles are relaxed including our tongue. The tongue falls back into our throat along with some soft tissue in our throat, blocking the air passage. This condition does not seem like much but it could spark some serious health issues, like sleep apnea. Sleep apnea can attract diseases like heart attacks, strokes, irregular pumping of blood, etc.

Snoring is a widespread condition with every second adult affected by it. It can hamper your health in many ways as in a pregnant lady the lack of oxygen can result in growth deficiencies and surgeries too. In men, it can lead to low level of testosterone and weak libido. There are many causes of snoring, some could be temporary and some may take a while to be cured. Here are some major causes-

Consuming liquor particularly during bedtime relaxes your throat muscles. This makes our throat’s soft tissue fall easily in the passage. Hence, to avoid making the snoring sound, it’s advised not to take any alcohol four hours before going to bed. This will give your muscles enough time to relax.

Stuffed Nasal-
When you have a blocked nose, the air passage is obstructed and creates a vacuum. During inhaling and exhaling, a snoring sound could be heard.

People who have neck fat, have a lesser toned muscle. This makes soft tissues to easily fall back into your throat creating the classic snoring circumstances.

As people age, their muscles including throat muscles loses their strength, so for them to obstruct the air path is very easy.

There are some treatments for snoring preset in the medical industry. Here are some ways you could stop snoring and sleep-in silence. Generally, the first thing recommended is to lose weight and meltdown that neck fat. Then you need to limit your smoking and alcohol consumption, these lifestyle changes may naturally cure your condition. If not then you can buy the anti-snoring equipment, which is a great self-help. An oral appliance therapy could prevent your snoring. In this, a custom-made mouth guard is used while sleeping, as it keeps your tongue gently forward, freeing the air passage. Some treatments required for snoring are listed below:

Pillar procedure-
This procedure uses tiny inserts and positions them into your soft palate. There is no issue removed or damaged so a speedy recovery is expected from this procedure.

Nasal Procedure-
This procedure follows deviation of the spectrum or a nasal tissue to eliminate the snoring sound. These simple procedures and lifestyle changes will help you get rid of unwanted sleep disorders.


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