Having a partner who snores can be a nightmare, literally! It can lead to fights between couples and even result in strained relationships to the point of separation. If someone ends up ruining your plans of getting some shut-eye after a long and tiring day at work, then it becomes a serious botheration. And therefore, at the very outset what you need to do is discuss your quandary with your partner and start looking for practical solutions to tackle this menace. Given below are some easy ways to stop snoring:

1.)Get Expert Opinion
Snoring is considered to be a minor social problem although a major marital one. So, one major step to take in this regard would be to prod and persuade your partner to see a sleep specialist so that the cause can be tackled head-on.

2.)Maintain Distance
A rather ridiculous but practical solution would be to consider sleeping separately. It, however, is only a temporary solution to a permanent problem can at best prove to be a stop-gap measure.

3.)Embrace Change
Technically and biologically, snoring happens when air flows through a person’s throat causing vibrations of the soft tissue in the throat. If lying on the back, the tongue can also become a contributory factor by blocking the passage of air through the mouth. Ask your partner to change the position of sleep. Also, there are nasal sprays available that help in combating the problem of snoring quite effectively.

4.)Cultivate Good Pre-Sleep Habits
Make sure your partner doesn’t light up or binge on alcohol before he/she retires for the day. The reason is that while smoking irritates the membranes in the throat by blocking airways, alcohol relaxes throat muscles which can block air passages.

5.)Health is Wealth
Encourage your partner to go healthy. Being obese or overweight can be morose, more so because it increases fat content of throat tissues thus rendering them more susceptible to become causative agents of smoking.

It is thus important that you treat this issue with all the sensitivity and care that it demands. How do you stop snoring is entirely up to you. Make sure you communicate your inconvenience to your partner politely but firmly. This will ensure that you get your point across without much fuss. Happy napping!


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