It’s been estimated that 45% of all adults’ worldwide snore occasionally while 25% suffer with habitual snoring issues.  Considering that it is a respiratory problem, it’s important to address and remedy it with an effective anti snoring solution.  Furthermore, the older a person gets, the more prone they are to snoring frequently.  The most at-risk groups for snoring are males and overweight individuals.  Consequently, the demand for more effective solutions for snoring has risen.

The Different Types of Snoring

There are a number of factors that can cause you to snore including allergies and colds, being overweight, drinking alcohol before bedtime, sleeping position, or the way the anatomy of your mouth and sinuses have developed.  As you doze off and shift into a deeper sleep, the muscles of the soft palate (roof of the mouth), throat, and tongue tend to relax.  In some cases, they relax too much, partially block the airway, and cause the tissues to vibrate.  The narrower your airway gets, the more the tissues vibrate and the louder you snore.

When searching for the right snore solution, it’s important to first establish the type of snorer you are.  If you snore during the night, this is a good indication that you probably aren’t sleeping well.  If there is a partial closing or stricture in the upper airway, air cannot move freely through your nose and throat.  As a result, you snore.  Based on what is causing your airway to close or narrow, there are 4 categories of snoring:

  • Mouth Snoring – This type of snoring results when you breathe when you breathe through your mouth while sleeping rather than your nose.  The cause may be a blockage in the nasal passages, enlarged tonsils, or weakened palatal tissues.
  • Nose Snoring – Nasal blockages resulting from a deviated septum or some type of physical obstruction can block your airway and cause you to snore.  Other causes may include certain medications, colds, dust and pet allergies, and nasal stiffness.
  • Throat Snoring – This type of snoring is not only the loudest type of the 4, it is also the most dangerous.  In most cases, throat snoring is attributed to sleep apnea.  If left untreated, throat snoring can lead to diabetes, hypertension, and stroke.
  • Tongue Snoring – People who sleep on their back suffer with this type of snoring.  This type of snoring results when the tongue gets overly relaxed, falls back into the throat, and blocks the airflow.  People who enjoy drinking alcohol or use sleep medications are prone to tongue snoring.

So how can you tell what type of snorer you are? The following list of symptoms will enable you to correctly identify the type of snorer you are:

  • Mouth Snoring:
  • You sleep on your back or your side
  • You snore with your mouth open
  • Nose Snoring:
  • Breathing through your nose is often difficult, even when you’re awake
  • Your snoring is like a grunting noise or sounds like a loud whistle
  • Throat Snoring:
  • Daytime symptoms include daytime fatigue or sleepiness, lack of concentration, and morning headaches
  • Nighttime symptoms include difficulty breathing while sleeping, frequent restroom trips, loud snoring, and waking up with a dry mouth
  • You snore regardless of your sleeping position
  • Tongue Snoring:
  • Inconsistent high-pitched sounds is a characteristic of tongue snorers
  • Snoring only occurs when sleeping on your back
  • You may have an enlarged tongue

These symptoms will give you a better idea of the type of snorer you are.  Throat snoring is the type to be most concerned about as there could be a more serious underlying condition causing this type of snoring.  The other 3 types are not a cause for alarm as they are relatively easy to cure and different solutions for snoring are readily available by prescription or over-the-counter..

What is the right Type of Anti-snoring Solution for You?

Snoring can be a complicated issue and it is unlikely that your snoring results from a single cause.  Typically, a single remedy won’t provide a cure 100% of the time.  The best anti- snore solution or method involves a combination of remedies and positive lifestyle changes.  Some solutions for snoring have been on the market for years.  Some product manufacturers are using updated technologies to counteract the problem.

While some products are invasive and may disturb your sleep, others are non-invasive and provide more comfort.  If these don’t help, there are some more invasive treatments that may eliminate your snoring problem or at least reduce them significantly.  These include CPAP or APAP devices, nasal sprays, or surgical procedures such as adenoidectomies, palate surgery, tonsillectomies, and so on.Here are some of the more common devices and solutions for you to consider:

  • APAP or CPAP machines force air into the airway
  • chin straps that keep the mouth closed
  • mouthguards (oral appliances) that keep the jaw pushed slightly forward
  • nasal dilators open the air passages when inserted into the nostrils
  • nasal sprays decongest blocked nasal passages
  • nose strips keep the nostrils open during sleep
  • specialist anti-snoring pillows keep the head and neck in a position that prevents snoring from occurring
  • tongue retainers keep the tongue from collapsing back into the throat and blocking your airway

Of the many different nasal sprays on the market today, Asonor Anti-snoring Spray and Snoring Solution has been clinically tested and medically proven to reduce snoring in 3 out of every 4 people (75%).  Not only does this result in easier, unobstructed breathing, it also helps to prevent waking up with a dry mouth and throat, a common complaint among individuals with snoring issues.Simply pump the spray 4 to 5 times in each nostril at night before going to bed to relieve your snoring issues and get a better night’s sleep in the process.  For more information, visit the Asonor website clicking here or e-mail us at [email protected].

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