If you are dealing with a snoring partner every night in order to get your share of peaceful sleep, it is time for you to read about these anti-snoring remedies which can work in your favour. Know about these ways and execute them effectively with the non-snorer support to bring out a desired changes in less than expected time.

Eight hours of sound sleep is utmost important to not just lead a healthy life but for good sanity too. However, sharing a bed with a snoring partner can make it extremely difficult to get eight hours of sleep. While the snoring partner is blissfully snoring dreaming in their world, the non-snorer partner is the one wide awake, quietly trying to understand the situation as to how to take the revenge or sleep peacefully. Because of this, the irritation, stress, frustration, anger and other mood swings due to lack of sleep are so high which often makes the relationship go for a toss. Therefore, without risking the married relationship, one should ditch considering separate beds as the only option but should also consider these effective anti-snoring remedies to reduce the stress and discomfort of life while sleeping with a snorer partner. But before hitting the right ways to reduce or stop snoring issue of the snorer, it is important to know that ‘together it can be a better and a smooth journey in eliminating the sleep issue’, therefore, the non-snorer partner should give full support in understanding the below mentioned ways before execution.

  1. Hit the bed before the snoring partner:

Since snoring is a physical issue, it shouldn’t be dealt with it emotionally. Hence, hitting the bed before the snoring partner sleep and starts snoring is a good idea. It will give the partner a head start with sleep and there are chances that the partner doesn’t wake up even if the snorer partner joins the sleep. This process can eliminate one waiting to get sleep whole night with wide-open eyes unbalancing the health and routine.

  • Welcome the idea of sleeping separately:

For people who consider couples sleeping separately a stigma, occasional or regular relocation is a ‘relationship enhancer’ which helps couple give the chance to make the bed and the blanket, enjoy the sleeping position that best fits their comfort and even helps in resonating with each other with love and better understanding. Nevertheless, if the snoring solutions or decongestin’ works then this option should be kept for occasional times without making it a habit.

  • Clearing nasal before bedtime or decongest works:

Offering nasal options by the non-snoring partner to the snoring partner can work mutually way, feeling focused and determined to combat the snoring problem together. The snore solutions can be in varied ways like:

  • Use of anti-snoring spray before bed to clear the airway. Asonor nasal spray is a clinically proven effective snoring aid which can be pumped into the nostrils around 4-5 times a night to give relief.
  • Skipping consuming alcohol or smoke a few hours before bedtime since alcohol relaxes the throat muscles causing congestion for the air to not pass smoothly while smoking inflates the inner throat muscles.
  • Pass extra moisture in the air by using an air filter to pull all the dust from the air to not let allergies affect and trigger snoring.
  • Maintaining a healthy lifestyle by maintaining proper weight and eating healthy is very important since the extra fat tissue around the neck becomes problematic for the snoring to increase.
  • Use of anti-snoring aids like nasal strips or nasal dilators to keep the nasal airway clear without congestion.
  • Sleeping on the side and not on the back also helps for many snorers.
  • Pillow wall between the two would also help in absorbing some of the sounds which otherwise might hamper the non-snorer to get any sleep.
  • Use of Anti-snore pillow and better mattress:

And if the snoring partner is rigid enough to work on the loud noise issue, recording the snoring and playing it to them will help them know about the severity of the sound and how immediate action needs to be taken to prevent it. Replacing their normal pillow with the anti-snoring pillow is a one-stop immediate solution. The pillow corrects the positioning of the head to keep the nasal airways open to eliminate the vibration to occur.

Even a slight shift in the position of the head and neck can help reduce or eliminate the snoring problem. Therefore, the kind of mattress used to sleep should also be considered if it becomes the cause of increased noise and needs replacement or not. The clinically proven sleep mattress provides adjustments on both sides to relieve back pain offering quality sleep.

  • Consult an expert:

If the intensity of the snoring sound has been increasing and there is no relative difference with the above solutions, one of the immediate actions to be taken to cope up with the snoring partner is to see a sleep specialist doctor. Often, snoring is considered as a natural sleeping habit but if one notices pauses in breathing, daytime tiredness, it can be the side effects due to sleep apnea tissue. In such a case, immediate action should be taken by consulting the doctor.

Above all, there are times when nothing works, wearing the earplugs becomes the best choice of all. A tennis ball trick by keeping the tennis ball at the back pocket of the snorer’s pyjama to force them to sleep on sideways and not on the back works effectively. Also, if you are non-snorer but suffer from insomnia with eyes wide open waiting to fall asleep every night due to the snorer partner, using a white noise machine might work effectively too. The machine helps in disconnecting one with the surrounding sounds like that of the car, horns or dogs barking so it can also drain out the sound of the snoring partner too, offering a calm environment to sleep.

Occasional snoring is fine but if it becomes every night’s story, it’s time for you to do any or all the above mentioned. If you are one who is counting for a long-term happy married life, the side-effects of snoring can be many and dangerous ones and no one would like to get trapped. So, get to the heart of the matter politely without an outburst of anger eliminating exaggeration of sleeplessness.


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