When you go to bed tired after a long day, you look forward to a sound and peaceful sleep. It can be very annoying when you are deprived of the same because of snoring. If you happen to get to sleep before your partner, you might be lucky, but otherwise, you can bid goodbye to a good night’s sleep, unless you wake him or her up from their sound sleep.

Snoring has been ridiculed since forever because it causes a lot of disturbance for the one who has to tolerate it. But a point to note here is that it affects not just the person who has to listen to the snorer but also the snorer himself. Snoring could be a sign of a health problem. You might need to seek medical help in such a situation. There are also options like an anti-snoring device that can help you manage your condition.

What Is Snoring?

Snoring is nothing but a sound created by the vibration of the tissues in the nasal passage as the air passes through it. If a person snores once in a while, it is not something to worry about, but if it happens day after day, it should concern you. A dangerous health condition that is often associated with repeated snoring is sleep apnea. Snoring must not be ignored and you must try to get to the root cause of the problem for the right treatment.

What Causes Snoring?

The relaxation of throat muscles causes the passage to become narrow making the passage of air difficult. In the process, the air rubs against the tissues and causes them to vibrate. The sound that results from this is known as snoring. The snoring could also result from enlarged tonsils, being overweight and alcohol consumption. The structure of the nose, in some cases, could be the cause of snoring. Snoring in women, though less common, could result from hormonal imbalance.

Results of Snoring

Snoring often results in disrupted sleep for those sharing the room. Lack of a good night’s sleep shows its impact on work during the day. If the cycle is repeated regularly, the work can get severely impacted. Lack of sleep also leads to irritability. The irritability leads to anger and can strain relationships not just between partners but also at work. The quality of work is likely to deteriorate in such conditions and impact the employer’s satisfaction.

Snoring can also cause several other medical disorders such as cardiovascular problems, high blood pressure, insomnia, persistent headaches and sexual dysfunction.

Need to Find a Solution

The results described above can be disastrous for a person and you must find a feasible solution. One solution is that the partners sleep in separate rooms, but that is hardly practical. In another scenario, the non-snoring partner can use earplugs to keep the sound out. But these solutions cannot be permanent ones. By finding out the cause, you can look for an appropriate method for the reduction of snoring.


The solution for snoring can be achieved by both partners putting in an effort. The first step for this is to talk and not ignore the issue. Often the person snoring is not aware of his problem and is unable to understand the frustration of the partner losing sleep. Hence, both must talk about the existence of the issue. One must not laugh about it as it could have serious consequences.

See a Doctor

To understand the best method to rectify the problem, it is best to see a doctor who can then run some tests on you and discover the exact cause of your snoring. This will also help you know the severity of your condition. Any serious condition like sleep apnea will need proper medical care.

Look at Options

For both of you to get a good night’s sleep, you can consider making certain lifestyle changes to relieve yourself of the snoring problem:

  • Choose a Comfortable Sleeping Position

You can try different sleeping positions and see which one is most comfortable and prevents snoring. Changing your position during your sleep can help. Sleeping on your side is better than sleeping on your back. Placing pillows on your side can make the position even more comfortable.

  • Avoid Habits Like Smoking and Drinking

While it may be difficult to give up these habits all of a sudden, try and reduce consumption. Do not consume them for at least four hours before bedtime. This can help in relieving you from snoring.

  • Stay Away from Allergens

If your snoring is the result of an allergy, get yourself tested to determine the allergens responsible for it. Then, keep yourself away from the allergens as much as possible.

If these changes do not help, you should consult a doctor. You can also consider using devices like snoring mouthpieces that can help create space in your nasal cavity to prevent the vibration of tissues and hence, the snoring. Some such devices are Mandibular Advancing Devices and Tongue Stabilising Devices. Nasal sprays and nasal strips are some other available options for the management of snoring. These are simple to use and ensure that everyone can sleep peacefully.

Sleep Apnea Alert

Snoring is mainly a lifestyle problem, but it should not be allowed to rule your life. With proper management, it can be prevented and the quality of life can be improved. But, as mentioned earlier, persistent snoring can be indicative of sleep apnea, especially when it is accompanied by any gasping sounds in sleep. The patients suddenly stop breathing in their sleep and then resumes it with the gasp. This can lead to several major health issues.

It is time to stop making fun of snoring and consider it as a serious issue it could be. While it is a source of discomfort for others, the person most affected is you, the snorer. You need a good amount of care and understanding from those around you. You must discuss your concerns with your partner and family and take all the necessary steps to help yourself and others.


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