Snoring can be a warning sign of you suffering from a host of complications and problems. Snoring may be viewed as a joke, but for many, it could have a major effect on their health. Snoring can be a result out of a variety of factors such as the structure of the mouth, your weight or sinuses or other various factors. Here are few reasons which could answer to the most common query – Why do I snore?

Mouth’s Anatomy



If you have a thick and low soft palate, it could narrow your airway which results in snoring. Also, if uvula (triangular tissue which is hanging from the soft palate) is elongated, it may block and obstruct the air passage leading to vibration and the ultimate snores. Usually, a surgery is recommended to treat this problem where the excess tissues are trimmed using a medical intervention.

Consuming alcohol


Avoid Alcohol

If you consume too much of alcohol, you might be inflicting others, with your maddening and irritating snores. Alcohol relaxes your throat muscles a bit too much causing an obstruction in the air passage. This is why doctors recommend snorers not to consume alcohol a few hours before hitting the bed.

Weight Issues


Weight Loss

People with extra weight on their body usually have excess tissue on the back of their throat which obstructs the air passage, leading to annoying, disturbing and brash snore. The best way to treat this problem permanently is reducing weight. As the weight reduces, so does the growth of excess tissues in the throat.

Male vs. Female

It has been noted that men tend to snore more than women. Snoring is usually caused when the throat muscles relax and fall back in a particular space causing partial obstruction. This space is large in men causing them to snore. The women, on the other hand, have small spaces which cause complete obstruction to breathing making them wake up if it happens. No wonder they get up more as you men snore.



It is said that women are more prone to snoring during pregnancy. This is because the nasal passage tends to inflame more than usual causing the obstruction that leads to snoring. However, snoring should not be taken lightly especially when a woman is pregnant as it can cause an increase in blood pressure which may harm the mother and the child.


As we grow old, the throat muscles tend to loosen up more than required causing the obstruction in breathing while sleeping. While some often go for medical interventions like CPAP masks especially if it takes the shape of a much more serious OSA or Obstructive Sleep Apnea, some also consider oral applications like nasal spray which tightens the throat muscles.

While there are many causes of snoring, here are some of the unusual reasons which could be contributing to your snoring. Now that you have the answer to why do I snore, it is time to find the best solution and treat this problem most effectively.

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