Snoring Solution: How To Sleep Better

Snoring happens due to narrow airways of your nasal passage or the back of your throat. People may develop snoring due to excess throat tissues or nasal tissues. Fatty and floppy tissues in the throat vibrate more and cause snoring. Snoring may also happen due to defects in the nasal passage or the throat region.

With the help of medical assistance, the actual cause for snoring can be successfully identified and treated. But in many cases, snoring can be cured with specific lifestyle changes and habits. 

For instance, if you drink just before going to bed, it can lead to the relaxation of the throat muscles that cause snoring. Again, overweight people are more likely to snore at night.

To help you tackle the snoring problem, here is the detailed guide for snoring solutions and improving sleep.

Relations Between Sleep And Snoring

There are many stages of sleeping, and the broadly classified pages are the REM (rapid eye movement) and non-REM. Snoring can happen in both these stages. But it is most common in the REM stage where the muscle relaxes. 

Relation Between Snoring And Sleep Pattern

At the time of sleeping, it is not possible to maintain one position. While lying down the gravity pulls the body downwards, and the tissues of the pharynx become soft and floppy. People who are generally prone to lie on their back experience more snoring because the gravity pulls the tonsils and the palate backwards. 

This backward pulling causes the airway to become narrow, and that restricts the easy flow of air. It also causes vibrations during breathing and loud snoring sounds. This is why a person sleeping on their side does not snore as much as a person lying on their back. 

Medical Conditions Related To Snoring

Some of the medical conditions may give rise to snoring problems. These conditions are insomnia, high blood pressure, cardiac issues, sleep apnea, sleep disorders, chronic sinus and more. To understand what is causing snoring, one must consult with a doctor for proper evaluation of the condition.

But not every snorer has underlying conditions. You can be a snorer even without any medical condition. If you do not have any underlying conditions for snoring, you can simply cure it with anti-snoring products.

Levels Of Snoring

The two levels of snoring are:

  • When the resistance to airflow increases, you may experience respiratory effort related arousal. This happens when the respiratory system finds it difficult to breathe adequate air and wakes up from sleep.
  • When the resistance to airflow is severe, the airflow decreases, and the person suffers from a decrease in oxygen level in the blood. This results in the more disturbed sleep throughout and is often referred to as the obstructive hypopneas or apneas. This happens in people with obstructive sleep apnea.

Different Snoring Solutions

Snoring can be treated according to its levels and severity. Not every snorer will require similar treatments. Some may require medical attention, while others may get relief with simple devices or behavioural changes. 

By alleviating the factors that increase snoring, you can reduce and even stop the snoring problem. Some of the best ways to cure snoring are:

Stop Alcohol 

Alcohol is a muscle relaxant that increases snoring while sleeping; this is why snorers are advised not to drink before bedtime. 

Avoid Sedative Medicines

Sedative medicines also work as a muscle relaxant and increase snoring. If you have a habit of taking sleeping pills, you need to talk to your doctor about decreasing the spring. Any kind of tranquillizer can make you snore more.

Excess Weight

Too much bodyweight may lead to snoring problems. The extra fat that accumulates in the throat and nasal passage region will block the easy flow of air, causing snoring. You could be a snorer, even being a lean person. But the majority of obese people are loud snorers.

Congested Nasal Passage

If you have nasal congestion and suffer from sinus or the common cold, you may get blocked airways. This will create snoring, and the sinus or seasonal flu makes the nasal tissues swollen. 

Make sure you stay in a clean environment and rinse stuffy sinus issues with warm saline water. In case of serious sinus or flu-related congestion, consult with a doctor for fast relief.

Sleeping Position And Body Posture

People who have a habit of lying on their back experience snoring almost every night. This is because the gravity pulls the throat muscles downwards, causing snoring. You can avoid sleeping on your back by using an extra pillow by your torso or raising your head a little high while sleeping.

Anti-snoring Devices

There are many anti-snoring products available in the market that you can try to reduce snoring. Some may get complete relief using an anti-snoring spray or a nasal strip. But the result may vary from person to person. But you must choose an anti-snoring spray or strip from a reputed brand that works for snorers. The cost of such products depends on the brand and its effectiveness. So make sure you choose the best for good results.

Quit Smoking

People who snore frequently are advised not to smoke. Smoking is one of the habits that snores must avoid. When all the habitual changes and medications for snoring fail, one must seek a doctor’s advice. Certain medical conditions are the reasons behind snoring problems. Proper treatments are required for such serious snoring problems.


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