Throughout the world, generations after generations, snoring is a habit, which is looked down upon everywhere. Of course, it has many reasons – some pertain to just the irritating sound of it while some are just scientifically proven to be the cause of some unhealthy and perilous signs. 45% of the entire population in the earth have the bad manner of snoring and most of the victims are unaware of this. Snoring is much more frequent in adults and male people than children or adolescents and female groups. Snoring can be signs of different contradictory causes depending upon entirely on the person and his way of life. While sometimes it indicates extreme deep sleep, often it denotes the exhaustion or lack of sleep. Snoring depends mainly on a person’s medical records and his pattern of leading life, which can be both emotional and physiological.

While it is a widely known fact that people doesn’t have general affection for snoring, it is something which shouldn’t make you feel disconcerted. The method of snoring is relative to an individual – some snores daily while others have this as an occasional habit formed due to some external cause influencing a particular period. It is the outcome of the vibration caused by the airflow creating a friction with the throat tissues. It produces that annoying sound which disturbs the person sleeping next to you while you remain completely oblivious of it.

There are several reasons and causes which drastically develops a person’s snoring –

  • Sleep apnea is an immense possibility, which can cause this. It is a serious disorder where the breathing is irregular. The common one is obstructive sleep apnea where the issue emerges when the throat is in a relaxing mode. This may result in producing potential heart issues.
  • Gaining weight or obesity is another conclusive cause, which leads to the restriction of air movement due to the overgrowing throat tissues.
  • Lack of or troubled sleeping results in heaving breathing, sleep talking or snoring.
  • Congenital deformity of the structure of the whole or partial mouth parts including throat and nose.
  • A pressure falls on the throat when you sleep on your back causing difficulty in breathing and leads to snoring.
  • Addiction or consumption of alcohol excites the whole body and the tissues become agitated which gives way to the cause of snoring.
  • Accumulation of mucus in the nose due to catching cold or other factors, which partially blocks the free passage of air.
  • Sinus issues, which partially restricts the airflow through the windpipe.

While these are extremely common and mild causes, there are some extreme cases where snoring is a symptom of some severe disorder. This makes a way to complications with the people who shares room with you and daytime irritation, fatigue and development of unhealthy lifestyle.

Where there is a problem, a number of solutions are always ready to save the day! Here are 7 remarkable solutions for snoring which shall be the elixir to your troubles.

  • Pillows designed specially for you – A life-saving snoring aid is ready to rescue you from your worries! There are different types of pillows exclusively made for these kind of snoring troubles.
  • Side-sleeping pillows – Ridged pillows encourage you to not sleep on your back but rather on your side, which enhances the quality of sleeping and prevents snoring.
  • CPAP pillows – Designed ergonomically, this pillow reduces the risk of pressure creation over the face with a mask and hose.
  • Realignment pillows – This ensures that your head and neck is properly aligned while you are asleep and blocks air compression.
  • A clean sleep with air humidifier – It all starts with creating an atmosphere of refreshing air and cool breeze. Dust, smoke and pollution cause allergies and results in partial blockage of the windpipes, stuffy nose or swollen throat. Air purifier or humidifier cleans the air, making it free and soothing and significantly reduces snoring.
  • A healthy goal to loss weight – While it depends on person to person and it can be irrespective of the body weight, if you are the victim of fatty tissues gathered in your body, exercises to lose weight is a definitive measurement to dissolve those and preventing snoring.
  • A restrain from your part to alcohols – Why risk to upset your body’s relaxation or your partner’s when it is in your hand? Drinking alcohol is a dangerous dose to advocate snoring since it leads to the agitation of the muscles. While you are in a trouble-free sleep, the whole body continues to be intoxicated which might lead to uneasiness the next day.
  • Welcome some sprinklers – Usinganti-snoring spraysis one of the brilliant solution which you won’t hesitate to opt for to quit snoring. These sprays clear the passage of air flow leading all the way to the lungs by melting and dissolving the blockages. This, in turn, provides open access of air to pass in and out without any barrier.
  • Water is always good for your health – Your nose starts getting runny and the upper palate of your mouth gets dry when you are dehydrated. Having plenty of water not only enhances the sleeping condition, making it peaceful and snoring free, it is needless to say how it is extremely necessary for your overall health. Having 11 teacups of water for a woman and 16 cups for a man marks a huge difference to reduce snoring.
  • Prioritize your resting needs – Having various aids and appliances are nothing if you fail to have a balance in your basic surviving mode. Having a minimum 8 hours sleep at night creates a fluidity in your daily lifestyle. On the other hand, if you are overtired, the muscles become floppy leading to snoring.

There are definitely a huge number of solutions to opt for to prevent snoring – consulting doctors, following strict medications, undergoing surgical procedures and using various appliances. Regardless of that, no matter how old-fashioned it sounds, home remedies provide more than enough solutions to stop once and for all this poorly habit.


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