Sleep Apnea Causes and Solutions

Are you facing tough time in sleeping, because the person next to you is snoring loudly? Is that person snores on a regular basis? Isn’t it a bit irritating? Doesn’t it make you angry? Well snoring can turn into a chronic disease, if not prevented at earlier stage.

There are many ways with which a person can stop snoring, such as –

Start doing exercises

It is being found that obesity is often led to snoring. As one of the causes of the turbulence in the throat is the narrowing of the airway due to neck fat. Losing weight can help in alleviate the problem by reducing in the neck size and helping to open the airway.

Keep yourself well hydrated –

Drinking plenty of water before going to bed can help in breathing properly while you are asleep. Since dry mouth and dry throat can result in increase in snore. And beside this, drinking water can help in losing and maintaining body weight.

Change the sleeping pattern

Well the way you sleep often result in snoring. As many of you may find it difficult to sleep on your side, you should at least attempt to not to sleep on your back. While sleeping you can place pillow just under your chin to reduce snoring.

Avoid alcohol and tobacco

Intake of alcohol or tobacco before going to bed can lead to increase in snoring. Reason: alcohol relaxes the muscles in the throat, and hence the person is more likely to snore.

The above tips are simple yet efficient method which can help in cure for snoring. Although, one can also go for various other methods to prevent snoring, if possible. This includes, use of anti-snoring, avoid taking sleeping pills, and get it checked by the doctor.

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