While it’s possible for anyone to snore based on their sleeping position, not that many individuals have chronic snoring issues (lucky for their bed partner).  Unfortunately, roughly 40% of all men are chronic snorers while slightly over 20% of all women have this problem.  Furthermore, snoring doesn’t necessarily mean that you have OSA or Obstructive Sleep Apnea, a common breathing-while-sleeping disorder.  However, sleep apnea sufferers are typically heavy snorers.

Multiple studies have suggested that heavy snorers tend to develop OSA over time and that can be a harbinger of many health issues. That is why if you are an occasional snorer, it will help to find the root of what causes snoring and eliminate it.

If you have certain anatomical issues that contribute to this problem, there are surgical procedures that can bring you relief.  However, before “going under the knife”, you should consider trying Asonor Anti-snoring Solution, an award-winning, and clinically proven anti-snoring product that has been ranked as one of the best snoring treatments in the world.  In addition to trying this anti-snoring solution, try the following 8 lifestyle changes to help mitigate your snoring problems.

  • Exercise mouth, throat, and tongue muscles (your snoring muscles) – try these exercises once daily, 20 times each:
  1. Make the “aahh” sound and hold it to elevate your uvula.
  2. Slip the tip of your tongue back along the roof of your mouth (the hard palate) as far as you can.
  3. Try forcing your tongue against the floor (bottom) of your mouth while holding the tip against your lower incisors.
  4. Use your finger to pull your cheek out while using your mouth muscles to force it against your finger.
  5. With your tongue pressed flat against the roof of your mouth, try to suck it upwards.

Although these exercises may seem a bit bizarre, research has shown that performing these exercises regularly can significantly reduce the frequency and intensity of your snoring and even helped sleep apnea sufferers.

  • Give your surroundings frequent thorough cleanings – when dust and pollen get trapped inside your home, it can cause blocked nasal passages, trigger allergies, and ultimately cause you to snore.  The following cleaning techniques can help:
  1. Bathe or shower before bedtime and quarantine the clothes you were wearing
  2. Consider hanging blinds and hard flooring instead of curtains or drapes and carpeting
  3. Vacuum regularly and thoroughly
  4. Wash your bedding weekly
  • Kick those snoring-triggering habits – alcohol consumption, caffeine, and smoking can all contribute to chronic snoring problems.  Here’s why:
  1. Alcohol is a depressant that enhances relaxation of your airways
  2. Caffeine is a depressant and can disturb your normal sleeping patterns if you consume it when it’s getting close to bedtime.
  3. Smoking or being exposed to secondhand smoke can trigger snoring issues by aggravating nose and throat tissues as well as increasing mucus production, all of which narrow your airways.
  • Lose weight – if you’re overweight, even losing 4 or 5 pounds will get you started in the right direction to curb your snoring.  Often, it might help to see a doctor while surgery is an option in few cases, usually lifestyle and heal changes can help. We recommend:
  1. Eat smaller meals more often
  2. Reduce carbohydrate intake
  3. Slow down after eating so the digestive process can start working
  4. Weight loss must be sustainable, so that means using sensible dieting techniques and no drastic solutions.
  • Practice good sleeping hygiene – although this is an indirect snoring solution, you can improve your health and reduce your snoring problems by practicing good sleeping hygiene.  The following sleep hygiene tips could help you sleep better:
  1. avoid napping too close to bedtime
  2. bathe or take a shower before bed
  3. don’t try forcing sleep if you’re not tired
  4. keep your bedroom cool
  5. keep your room dark when sleeping
  6. maintain regular go-to-bed times
  7. read a book to mentally declutter before bed
  8. try to get 7 to 8 hours of sleep every night
  • Sleep on your side, not your back – one of the causes of snoring is an improper sleep position, namely sleeping on your back.  By sleeping on your side, it keeps the airways open than when you sleep on your back. This is more for those who have a thick neck or are dealing with weight issues. You can force yourself to sleep on your side in one of 3 ways:
  1. Make it difficult to sleep on your back by taping a tennis ball on the back of your pajama shirt or t-shirt.
  2. Purchase a positional training device that detects when you’re sleeping on your back and starts to vibrate, thereby sending a signal to your subconscious to turn over.
  3. Use specialist pillows that promote side sleeping.
  • Stay well hydrated – insufficient water intake can aggravate or contribute to snoring problems because it causes the throat tissues to become irritated.  Furthermore, being dehydrated causes the mucus in your airways to thicken, thereby making surfaces stick together, causing breathing obstructions, and ultimately snoring problems.  Something as simple as staying hydrated can help with your snoring issues and benefit your sleeping partner by not disturbing them as often.
  • Treat your congestion issues – a blocked or stuffy nose attributed to allergies or colds can aggravate your snoring issues.  Decongestants that were developed for use at night may help you avoid breathing through your mouth and increasing the risk of snoring.

For more information about an effective anti snoring solution that has been proven effective at reducing snoring problems in 75% of the individuals tested, e-mail Asonor at [email protected] or visit our website. Additionally, our business representatives are available to answer your queries and offer you more information about the product to help you sleep better. Call us today!

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