Are you snoring or maybe your partner’s snoring is distracting you from getting a good night’s sleep? Usually, most people assume that men snore but they forget that women snore too. Snoring is not uniquely a common problem among men.  Women snore as well and just as loudly for that matter.  Furthermore, the same health risks associated with snoring in men apply to women as well.  And yet snoring in women is often downplayed and even deliberately overlooked.  Regardless of the issue, snoring is a key symptom that doctors look for when screening someone for OSA or obstructive sleep apnea.

Left untreated, this serious sleeping disorder adversely impacts sleep quality and can lead to more serious health issues such as heart disease, hypertension, and stroke.  If you’re curious about female snoring and how to stop it or you want to learn more about an effective anti-snoring solution, there are facts and statistics that discuss this online as well as information about surgical and non-surgical treatments for chronic snoring.

Gender Distinctions of Snoring

When it comes to snoring, there are certain gender distinctions associated this sleep-disturbing noise. First and foremost, men do snore more than women. In fact, 40% of all men snore will roughly 30% of all women snore in comparison. From a biological standpoint, men have narrower airways than women which cause them to snore more often as a result. Many studies have been conducted in the past about the ill-effects of snoring and associated brain and cardiac issues that enhances when the individual snores heavily.

Consequently, when the airflow is forced through a narrowed opening, the surrounding tissues begin vibrating aggressively and snoring becomes increasingly louder as a result.  Statistically speaking, men drink alcohol more frequently than women and are more likely to drink it in excess.  Also, men tend to smoke more than women, thereby leaving them more prone to snoring. However, this is not related to gender specifically but that fact that excessive smoking and alcohol intake increases the chances of heavy snoring.

Snoring may be a “Red Flag”

Almost everyone, male or female, snores occasionally.  It commonly occurs in about 57% of all adult males and 40% of all adult females.  But according to a study done by the British Snoring & Sleep Apnea Association, males are twice as likely to be referred to sleep studies as women are.  This is primarily due to the fact that doctors often rely on men self-reporting their snoring issues.

On the other hand, women are reluctant to report their symptoms because they’re ashamed or embarrassed about it.  Herein lays the issue with female snoring and how to stop it.  While snoring can be an indication of OSA, an AASM or American Academy of Sleep Medicine study revealed that sleep apneas often goes undiagnosed in over 90% of all women who have moderate to severe sleep apnea.

Reasons for Female Snoring and how to stop it

So why do women snore? Numerous clinical studies have shown that there are several factors that can cause women to snore, including the following:


Muscle tissues are much more relaxed when we’re exhausted.  As a result, this elevates the risk of snoring and can make it even worse.  When you’re tired, the larynx relaxes and leads to snoring.


Females tend to snore during menopause when the muscle tone of the throat is reduced.  During perimenopause, the ovaries reduce the amount of estrogen and progesterone that’s produced.  As a result, women typically report issues related to menopause such as difficulty sleeping (insomnia), hot flashes, interrupted breathing during sleep, and mood disorders.  In many instances, sleeping problems are usually accompanied by snoring and, in the more severe cases, obstructive sleep apnea.


Snoring during pregnancy is quite common.  This is usually caused by the expansion of blood vessels in the nasal passageways and the additional weight that a woman adds during pregnancy.

Sleep apnea

OSA or obstructive sleep apnea is a disorder wherein breathing is often briefly and repeatedly interrupted when a person sleeps.  The term “apnea” refers to a pause in one’s breathing that can last 10 seconds or longer.

Weight gain

This is a common reason that both men and women snore.  However, hormone imbalances during menopause and pregnancy are transitional phases wherein changes in a woman’s metabolic rate typically occur.  Snoring and weight gain are closely related in that excess weight often leads to skin and tissue build-up in the neck and throat.  The additional fat causes a narrowing of the airway which in turn hinders airflow and causes a person to snore.

Doctors and sleep specialists have made recommendations to help men and women stop snoring.  These include:

  • avoiding alcohol and certain medications
  • choosing the right pillows for keeping airways open
  • controlling your weight
  • maintaining better sleep hygiene
  • sleeping on your side
  • staying hydrated
  • using antihistamines, nasal dilators, or nasal strips

In addition to the above, our Asonor Anti-snoring Solution has been proven effective in 3 out of every 4 cases studied (men and women alike).  While it may not cure the more severe cases of snoring, it will reduce the frequency of snoring episodes that you normally experience in a night.  With easy and quick application, you need to use it every night and find the difference as you sleep and breathe better. Not only will it help you stop snoring but will be able to sleep without any interruptions. That offers better quality sleep and productivity the next day.

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