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If you are suffering from snoring problem, it is likely that it might be sleep apnea issue. If you don’t know if you are suffering from it or not, here is everything about sleep apnea: the causes and its effects of snoring. There are six natural sleep apnea remedies that one can try to cure it before consulting doctor for other treatments.

A sound sleep every night is most important to make your body and mind relax. The effects of snoring are enormous on one’s health and treating it with anti-snore remedies like snore sprays becomes important after endless disturbed sleep sessions. Different treatment for the sleep apnea works for different people based on the symptoms and severity of the snoring issue. Hence, trying different ways will help you find the right solution for your issue.

What is sleep apnea?

The issue of sleep apnea is not an uncommon thing and many of the snorers don’t know but suffer from sleep apnea. It is basically the situation where the snorer suffers from pauses during the breathing process and it even stops for 5-30 times per hour. So the breathing starts with a gasp, leading to shallow breathing pattern and following up with an increase in intensity and then again break in the breath. The effect of snoring leads to poor quality of sleep and health too.

Conditions like heart stroke, blood pressure, and heart diseases are the issues caused by severe sleep apnea and one should not avoid but refer doctor for right sleep apnea remedies and treatment. PSG or polysomnogram is one of the tests to determine the issue of sleep apnea as it measures eye movement, the heart rate, level of oxygen, the muscle activity and air intake and outflow. It also tells if one is suffering from sleep apnea, how severe are the issue and accordingly, the doctor can suggest the best remedy too. And if you want to try ways before consulting doctor, then treating snoring with natural remedies is very helpful for the body as it leads to many positive changes on snorers.

Effect of snoring or sleep apnea:

While the structural defect and habits like smoking, alcohol, and overweight are some of the common issues of snoring, sleep apnea is another one. The other major effects of snoring are mentioned below:

1. High blood pressure: Due to sleep apnea, the pressure and burden are put on the heart, which leads to an increase in the size of the heart and rate too. This effect of snoring leads to high risk of heart attack and strokes as well.
2. Depression and hypertension: Due to restrictive sleeping, the obstruction is also caused inside the lungs in the blood vessels, which causes the hormones to change leading to hypertension and depression too.
3. Overweight: Due to extra tissues near the neck area, the airway passage reduces leading to less space for the breathing to occur and pass causing vibration sound. One can use nasal snore sprays for temporary relief.
4. Low sex life: Due to the loud snore sound, the interest in sexual desires reduces due to the disturbed sleep and interest. Sleep apnea remedies are a must in such a cause or during an emergency for temporary relief; the usage of snore spray is also helpful to trigger the sexual interest immediately.
5. Morning headache problem: Due to obstructed sleep and gasping breathing, generally people get the effect of snoring in the form of a headache after getting up leading to poor quality of health.
6. Health imbalance: Other than the above mentioned, there are other mental imbalances which people who suffer sleep apnea go through. Symptoms like crankiness, irritation, high blood pressure, daytime sleepiness, anxiety, depression, and mood swings are other side effects.
7. The risk to life: Due to disturbed sleep and increase daytime sleepiness, the person is not just irritated but never fresh. This makes the person feel tired and sleep all the time and even during driving can make it a risky situation for life.

Anti-snore remedies and sleep apnea remedies:

While snoring is the common sleeping habit seen in many, it shouldn’t be neglected because one never knows the adversity and the effect of snoring on the body and mind. Here are some of the common and effective anti snore remedies, which also helps as the effective remedy to treat sleep apnea issue.

1. Sleeping position: This is one of the easiest solutions out of all. All you have to do is start sleeping on sideways and not on the back. As the latter makes the muscles relaxed leading to airway passage to narrow and leads to vibrating sound.
2. Usage of sprays: Congestion is another reason, which leads to snoring problem and hence, usage of snore spray helps to reduce the breathing issue by clearing the airway.
3. Yoga: Sleep apnea and snoring occur due to the reduced oxygen level inside the blood vessels near the lungs, hence, doing yoga helps in increasing the energy level thereby making the respiratory system strong. It works as one of the best sleep apnea remedy.
4. Quitting smoking and a reduction in alcohol: Reduction in alcohol intake before bedtime helps to avoid the muscles to relax which narrows the airway causing the snoring issue. Quitting smoking is one of the best anti snoring remedies to reduce snoring indications.
5. Weight loss: Extra tissue near the throat or weight complete body weight also triggers snoring. Hence, shedding off those extra kilos and fats are like the best remedy one can adapt to.
6. Reduction in caffeine intake: Like smoking and alcohol, even caffeine also relaxes the throat muscles thereby reducing the airway passage. Hence, quitting or at least reduction in caffeine intake adds to one of the ideal anti snore remedies.

Other than the above effects and remedies, one should sleep on the proper mattress and pillow. If the right type is not selected, one can suffer from a headache and backache and even issues like sleep apnea. Finding the right sleep apnea remedies can be tiring tasks, which will make you try different ways but the right mattress along with the pillow and the right posture is the first step towards it. These small initiatives and changes will help a person to avoid the issue, which might be at the beginning stage to not become severe and risky at the later stage.


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