Snoring is the noisy and annoying night time problem that we all are familiar with. If you are the lucky one who doesn’t suffer from this problem, then you probably must have some family member or a friend who has a bad snoring problem. Our guide below would help you in both cases, as it talks in detail about snoring and the easy ways to stop snoring naturally.

Why do People Snore?

Snoring is the noise created by an interruption of the airflow in the nose or throat when we breathe during sleep. A couple of factors are responsible for causing interruption of the airflow and snoring. Excess weight and fat around the neck and throat can cause snoring, sleeping on your back makes you more susceptible to snoring and stuffy nose and the shape of your mouth can also be the culprit here. Another main cause of snoring is the structure of nasal cavity that has enlarged tonsils, nasal polyps and deviated septum.

Remedies that can Help Cure Snoring Naturally

Snoring is a common yet annoying problem that people desire to get rid of at the earliest. Thankfully, there are several medical and natural ways that one can rely on for dealing with this problem. The medical remedy is usually recommended as an ideal cure for snoring for extreme scenarios, wherein snoring is resulting in sleep apnoea. On the other hand, mild snorers can try out these following simple yet effective natural remedies for keeping their snoring at bay.

Weight Loss

As overweight people are more susceptible to having snoring problem, shedding some extra kilos can help. Weight and fat loss can reduce the fat around their neck that narrows down the airway and cause snoring. Even little weight loss can turn out to be a good cure for snoring.

Change your Sleeping Position

The sleeping position also is a major factor responsible for one’s snoring, which usually is sleeping on his/her back. If you have noticed that your sleeping partners snore more while sleeping on their back, it is time that you ask them to change their sleeping position. Sleeping on the back restricts airways in the throat, as the tongue keeps slipping back into the throat. This makes breathing difficult and also causes vibration in the throat that sounds as snoring. If you wonder how to cure snoring, you can sleep on your side or recommend the same to your acquaintances that have a snoring problem.

Reduce Smoking and Alcohol Consumption

Those who smoke and consume alcohol regularly are more prone to snoring. Smokers have irritated throat tissues that tend to make a sound as they breathe while sleeping. On the other hand, alcohol consumption relaxes throat muscles that result in snoring. Therefore, those seeking easy ways to stop snoringcan try to reduce their alcohol intake and smoking.

Read your Snoring Pattern Closely

Whether you are the snorer or your family member or a close friend, the first step of finding a solution to this problem should be reading the snoring pattern closely. By this, we mean that you should know when and why do you snore more. When you begin with this sort of reading, you would come across triggers and solutions that would help you get rid of the problem soon. On the contrary, trying remedies based on other people’s experiences wouldn’t help much.

Stay Hydrated

Hydration is the key here also, as staying hydrated can be the easiest cure for snoring. You should drink a good amount of water throughout the day for keeping snoring at bay. Don’t drink too much water before sleeping, or else you would be making frequent trips to the toilet rather than sleeping during the night. Dehydration can increase the intensity of your snoring, as it tends to form mucous in the nose that makes breathing noisy and hard.


Dry air in the room can also be the possible cause of snoring. If not, then it can aggravate your snoring pattern. Therefore, you should take steps to prevent dry air formation in your room. The most convenient options of all are to place a couple of humidifiers in your room, which will help keep your room air nice and moist. Such air helps lubricate nose and throat, whereas dry air makes air passages dry and noisy.

Cut Down Some Foods from Your Diet

Those wondering how to cure snoringcan try cutting down consumption of specific foods. They need to find out foods that cause inflammation in the throat and increase mucous production in the nose, which is bad for the snoring problem. Foods most popular for causing this sort of inflammation are dairy and gluten products, so you need to find the ones that specifically cause a problem in your body.

Tongue and Throat Muscles

Too relaxed tongue and throat muscles cause snoring, so you can get rid of this problem by strengthening these muscles. You can try doing some easy and effective tongue and throat muscle exercises as a cure for snoring. Hold the tip of your tongue behind the top of your teeth and then slide it back and forth. Likewise, you can practice singing every day to make your throat muscles strong.

Get Some Steam

One of the easiest Ways to stop snoring includes getting some steam before bed. This tip goes specifically for those whose snoring is because of a stuffy nose. You can either take steam from a steamer or a hot shower.

Elevate Your Head

If changing sleep position and taking steam hasn’t been your cure for snoring, then this tip would work for you. You just have to elevate your head a bit more while sleeping, which would ease breathing and open up your airways.

Get Enough Sleep

Over exhaustion or lack of sleep can also cause snoring, as both these tend to relax our throat and tongue muscles. Therefore, ensure taking good and enough sleep each night so that your snoring doesn’t become a problem for others.

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