If you are facing a lot of complains against your snoring issue while sleeping by your partner, it is time to know how snoring affects relationship drastically and the effective solutions for snoring which can work towards mending the relationship turn into peaceful bond. Read to know about these effective solutions and adopt it.

Snoring is a very unexplained problem that doesn’t just affect the snorer but the bed partner too. Without taking it as a normal sleeping habit, talking to the partner becomes imperative to find the right solutions for snoring. While there are side effects of snoring on health, knowing about the impact it creates on the relationship and to find the right solution to reduce snoring is important. This post is all about the effect of snoring on the couple and its effective solutions to consider.

  1. Snoring affects a relationship: Unbelievable to trust, as per the National Sleep Foundation, around 25% of the couples sleep in separate rooms due to the snoring issue. While snoring is a problem the snorer suffers during sleep, it is the issue which creates a lot of discomfort for the bed partner too. The below mentioned major types of side-effects snoring create in a relationship shouldn’t be neglected.
  2. Increase irritation: Due to lack or no sleep by the partner, the level of irritation increases between the couple which leads to fights at times. The irritation level varies from person to person, but the heated argument between the two can bring many ups and downs in the relationship of the duo.
  3. Reduced sex drive: As per studies, severe snoring often leads to sleep apnea issue which decreases the sex drive functions among the couple. As per the fact, other than love and understanding between the couple, the sex life often plays a major role in making or breaking the relationship. More than disturbed sleep, the cause by snoring due to friction also lacks in providing peace mentally and physically.
  4. Lack of appreciation: Due to decreased sleep in quality and quantity, the couples feel less appreciative towards each other which hampers a relationship to a large extent. So much so that the decreased level of quality sleep often makes the partner, not like anything about the snorer.
  • Deal with complaints by finding the right solution: Just expecting the snorer to work solely towards improving the snoring issue isn’t the right way. Working towards it by supporting each other as a couple will ensure faster results towards the reduction of sleeping issues. While there are many snore solutions available by different companies like Asonor in the form of nasal spray to reduce sleep apnea issue, knowing other good and effective solutions helps in reduction of loud sound during sleep.
  • Changing sleeping position: Sleeping on the side and not on the back work wonders for many by reducing the loud snoring sound. Frequent changes in the position also help in the reduction of snoring.
  • Enough air moist: One can also use an electronic machine to provide enough moisture to the surrounding which helps in the reduction of snoring. Since dry air makes breathing difficult by increasing the nasal congestion due to accumulation of dust particles, usage of such a machine would help snorer.
  • Avoid consuming alcohol and smoking: While smoking and alcohol are harmful to the health, the former inflates the throat tissue and the later relaxes the inner lining of the throat creating barrier and congestion to breathe comfortably. Therefore, avoiding their consumption a few hours before sleep is advised.
  • Regular rinsing of nostrils before sleep: Clearing the nostril blockage before sleep is also an effective way for snorers. Usage of saline water to wash the nostril is recommended.
  • Maintaining a healthy living: Maintaining the right weight with a healthy diet and good sleeping habit is the right way to combat snoring. The excess flesh around the throat becomes an issue for loud snoring, therefore, the right balance of weight works.
  • Anti-snoring aids: If the simple methods mentioned above doesn’t prove effective, using different kinds of medicated anti-snoring aids work. Some of the effective ones are mentioned below:
  • Asonor Nasal Spray: Clinically proven, the regular use of Asonor anti-nasal spray helps in snore relief. As per research, the usage has reduced snoring in 3 out of four people. The simple usage system includes pumping the spray into the nostril around 4-5 times each night for effective results.
  • Mandibular Advancing Device (MAD): This device helps to make the jaw slightly forward to create enough space in the airway to breathe smoothly without congestion.
  • Tongue Stabilizing Device (TSD): This device pulls the tongue forward enough to create area and not let the back of the throat and tongue cause a barrier for vibration to occur.
  • Continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP): This machine is highly effective in treating obstructive sleep apnea due to severe snoring. The mask is worn over the face and the machine helps in supplying extra air pressure into the passage to keep the airway open enough to reduce snoring.
  • EPAP technology: This small adhesive device contains micro-valves whose role is to provide harness to the sleeper’s breath by offering air pressure. The air pressure helps to keep the airway open to eliminate snoring. For people who have no clue, this device is worn just under the nostrils.
  • SnoreRx solution: An effective solution where the device works by bringing the lower jaw forward enough to maintain the open air by creating space. This device uses the micro fit calibration which helps in minor adjustments to provide comfort during movement of the jaw.

Since the risks associated with snoring are many on the health like that of high blood pressure, daytime sleepiness, increases chances of stroke, diabetes, irritability, and many others, not neglecting the sleeping issue but adopting the right snoring remedies can lead a better life for both the partners. A harmonious relationship doesn’t just include love and understanding between each other but also incorporates sleeping peacefully together and not separately. Therefore, treating snoring effectively becomes imperative to get desired results between the partners along with mental peace. And this definitely can be treated well with both the partner’s support towards lifestyle changes, habits change, usage of snoring aids, medical treatments, and others.


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