Snoring is an unwelcome annoyance that disrupts a good night’s sleep and damages relationships. Since sleep deprivation is not an option, your obvious step would be to have that talk with your better half. But how should this conversation go? Have you ever thought about it? Perhaps it would feel better if you just yelled and had a fight, right? WRONG! That’s the last thing you want.

To avoid saying anything too damaging to your otherwise happy relationship, here are four steps that you can take today.

Do your own extensive research on the matter.
Research is the solution to half the problem. Post-research, your mindset would change drastically. You will realize that you are not the real victim here, your loved one is!

Snoring is a form of sleep apnea, and if your better half is a compulsive snorer, then it is likely that they have got it. Perhaps he/she needs an effective snoring device, or maybe they need to visit a sleep expert for an assessment and this cannot wait any longer?
Either way, you would know about the cause of snoring and its possible treatments once you conduct your own research.

Have a meaningful talk with your partner.
Once you have the data in your hand to back your point, you must initiate a conversation with your partner. Just sit them down and try not to agitate anybody involved. Be as natural and calm as you can possibly be. Try not to pin the blame, instead adopt a friendly approach. You don’t yet know how they might react upon hearing this news, so you need to be prepared for anything at this point. Therefore, approaching this subject in a civilized manner is recommended.

Schedule a meeting with the expert.
When the meeting with an expert is scheduled, as a loving partner, it is your duty to support your loved one to the appointment and take part in it. Ask questions, listen, and participate in the discussion. Again, don’t pinpoint any wrongdoings here, you don’t want to embarrass your partner in front of a stranger, even if it happens to be an expert.

Observe their daily habits and dietary consumption.
Most of the times, it is a person’s habits and dietary consumption that makes them snore. This may not necessarily be related to Sleep Apnea after all. Not to say that this will be an easier thing to deal with, but it is a relief.
If your partner smokes or drinks, make sure that they reduce these habits and eventually give them up completely. Smoking and drinking are the common reasons for snoring through nose and throat. Due to this, the snorer may also pause while breathing that may last anywhere from a few seconds up to a minute. It can be fatal in the long run and cause irrevocable damage to their health.

Likewise, irregular eating habits and at odd hours is detrimental to health. If your partner falls into this category, keep an eye on them.


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