An Introduction to Snoring

Snoring is a common issue that is being encountered by the majority of the people during their sleep. It influences around 50% of the total Indian population and about 25% of the people in our society are habitual to snoring.

Causes of Snoring

The most fundamental question that arises in everyone’s mind is why do the people snore while sleeping? When people sleep, their neck muscles loosen. At times, they become too relaxed. This makes the upper air passage (nose and throat) extremely constricted and that is why a very limited amount of air reaches the lungs. This causes the enclosing tissues to vibrate which gives rise to an irritating and harsh snoring sound. The thinner the nasal passage becomes, the more intensified the vibration gets thereby causing the louder snoring sound.

Another common cause of snores is obesity or being over-weight. The presence of excessive fat around the throat and neck area can also be the cause of snoring. In the general scenario, men have narrower nasal passages when compared to women, that is why they are more prone to snoring.

Sleeping in a particular position can also cause snoring. If a person sleeps flat on his back, he is more probable to snore. Though it may sound strange, the structure of a person’s mouth, nasal cavity or even a blocked nose owing to the common cold can trigger snoring. Apart from these reasons, snoring can also be stimulated by nasal polyps, deviated septums and enlarged tonsils.

When there are so many reasons that can explain the occurrence of snoring, how to determine the root cause of this problem? Well, there is a simple way of analyzing this. If an individual snores with his mouth closed, he is likely to be snoring due to an issue with his tongue. On the other hand, if a person is snoring with an open mouth, the reason is throat issues.

Consequences of Snoring

Except for disrupting the sound sleep of a person’s spouse as well as other family members, snoring also exerts a deep influence on the quality of his sleep. The reduced quality of an individual’s sleep leads to serious health hazards like sleep apnea and prolonged sleep deprivation. Inadequate sleep is also a mood spoiler and makes a person cranky and exhausted throughout the day.

How to Perceive the First Signs?

For overcoming the issue of snoring, it is very important to notice it timely. If a person is sleeping in the company of a partner, it is quite easy to discern the occurrence of snoring as the latter would complain of it. But, how would someone come to know that he is snoring when he is sleeping all alone? The answer is by observing his sleep behavior. This can be done by specialized doctors in hospitals through various modernized medical equipment and machines. Another way is by downloading the Applications such as ‘Sleep Cycle’ that consists of an impressive snore tracker. This tracker evaluates the snoring sound and its effect on sleep quality.

Natural Snoring Remedies

There are a few home snoring remedies to cope with the problem of snoring at initial stages. There are anti-snoring products that can be accessed from the market to deal with snoring. The medical surgeries and treatment are recommended only for extreme cases like when snoring is due to sleep apnea. The detailed account of the natural snoring remedies to curb snoring is described below:

Reduce Weight

A person struggling with weight issues is more probable to snore rather than the one who is fit and healthy. Overweight people have extra flab on every side of the neck region that constricts the nasal passage thus causing snoring. Reducing weight by altering the diet and exercising is a healthy and effective method of handling snores.

Adjust the Sleeping Position

People sleeping in a flat position on their back are more susceptible to snores. Changing the sleep position can alleviate this problem. Sleeping on one’s side is the most advocated sleep position to reduce snoring. However, altering one’s old habits is not an easy task. The application of a body pillow can check an individual from coming back to the old sleeping posture.    

Limit the Consumption of cigarettes and alcohol

The regular consumption of alcohol and cigarettes, specifically before retiring to bed may trigger snoring. That is why, habitual smokers and drinkers are more prone to snoring issues. Restricting smoking and drinking habits is an effective snoring remedy.

Stay Hydrated

Drinking a lot of water can also prove to be fruitful in managing snores. Dehydration results in the formation of mucus in the nose that makes a person snore. Intake of water in adequate quantity, that is 3-4 liters for men and 2-3 liters for women is strongly advised.

Use of Humidifiers

Dry air can aggravate snoring issues in people. The use of humidifiers inside the bedroom can keep the air sufficiently moist. The increased moisture would aid in lubricating the throat. Thus, making the airflow easier without bringing about noisy vibrations.

Doing Tongue and Throat Exercises

People snore when their throat and tongue muscles are extremely relaxed. Making them stiff by doing exercises can help in alleviating the issue. The best way to do some throat exercise is to sing songs. These exercises can be a helpful home remedy for snoring.

Reduce the Consumption of Inflammatory Food

The food products containing gluten are responsible for causing a burning sensation to the throat and nasal tissues. Preferring plain tea to chocolate milk is an easy way of managing snoring.

Use of Steam

The use of facial steam can open the blocked air passages thereby, relieving the problem of snoring. However, one needs to be quite cautious while taking in the steam or he would get burnt. It is very essential not to go too close to the steam and maintain a proper distance from it.

Get Ample of Sleep

Sleep deprivation is also a leading cause of snoring. Getting 7-9 hours of sound sleep daily would prove beneficial in handling the snores. Sedatives and sleeping pills can also be consumed on the prescription of a licensed doctor. Anti-snoring products such as an anti-snoring pillow or nasal clips can also be used to get proper sleep.

Sleep with a Raised Head

Sleeping with the head being propped up a little bit would help in reducing snoring. Anti-snoring products like a wedge pillow can be used for raising the head.


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