How difficult is it to believe that snoring could impact an otherwise healthy relationship negatively? Quite tricky, right? But, it is accurate, and those who need to suffer their partner’s snoring will understand the extent to which it can disturb their lives. They desperately look for any snoring relief that can help make the situation better and help them revive the same.

There have been instances that have led to couples separating because they could not tolerate their partner’s snoring anymore. The saddest part of such a scenario is that the culprit may not even be aware of his/her snoring and also if he is, it is a situation where he feels helpless about doing anything as it is an involuntary action. If you too are at a similar stage in your life, do not despair. Using anti-snoring devices can help you and your partner salvage the situation. Before talking about the solution to a problem, it is essential first to understand its root cause.

What Is Snoring?

Snoring happens because of the vibrating respiratory structures, and the sound is the result of an obstruction in the path of normal air movement during the process of breathing. The intensity of the sound can vary, and when it is loud and bothersome, it can create a rift in relationships. Due to the unpleasant noise, the non-snoring partner is unable to get sound sleep, and that is the starting point of marital discord. The snoring partner is blissfully unaware of the sound and sleeps well, though this may not be so in all cases.

The Gravity of the Situation

A large proportion of the snorers wish to seek relief from their condition but may not have been successful in doing so. Though snoring is challenging to treat, people try different sleeping aids and gadgets to manage the situation.

Many snorers, about one in four, are not concerned about taking any action and force their partners to put up with insufficient and disturbed sleep. It could lead to other health problems for the partner as well. Apart from being disruptive for the partner’s sleep and health, snoring could be dangerous for the affected.

To prevent further complications, many couples resort to sleeping in different rooms, affecting their relationship negatively.

Obstructive Sleep Apnoea (OSA)

It is a condition where not only is the snoring very loud, but it also obstructs the normal breathing cycle of the affected person. The snorer is forced to wake up from his sleep so that he can breathe as the breathing cycle stops for a few seconds. The patient is unable to get enough oxygen during sleep and hence is forced to wake up. It affects the quality of sleep. The victims of OSA often feel sleepy during the day for this reason. The affected individual is often not aware of the situation, and the partner is more likely to notice it first.

Causes of Snoring

The phenomenon of snoring could be caused due to smoking and drinking, obesity, mispositioned jaw, weakness of the throat and obstruction in the nasal passageway.

Medical Intervention Required

The reason for snoring in an individual cannot be generalised as there are many causes responsible for it. Often it could be the effect of multiple factors in a single individual. It is advisable to see a doctor to determine the exact cause of snoring. Understanding the root cause will make it easier to know the best ways to handle it. Patients suffering from OSA are also at risk of hypertension, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, coronary artery disease and cardiac failure.

Medical Aids to Improve the Situation

There are several medical aids available in the market that can help the patients and their partners. But, it is essential to know the cause to be able to use the right implement. Some of the available aids include:

  • Nasal Drops/Spray

These drops and sprays are specially designed to provide relief from obstructions in the nasal tract, making it easier to breathe without snoring. There are several brands available in the market. Using a spray might be more convenient than drops.

  • Nasal Dilator

This small device is like a filter for your nose that cleans the air. The device needs to be pushed tight on the nostrils, and it can give you a peaceful snore-free sleep. The device is made of soft silicone and hence is easy to adjust for firm positioning.

  • Nose Clips

It is another simple device used to prevent snoring and allow easy breathing through the night. These give instant relief from snoring by opening the airways and increasing the airflow. The device essentially helps to keep the tongue in a normal position, helping the nasal cavity to open up. All you need to do is insert it and get relief from congested tracts. These are reusable and are made from medical grade silicone to make it easy to use with nostrils of all shapes.

  • Chin Strap

It is a beneficial aid for those who tend to sleep and snore with their mouth open. When worn, it helps in preventing snoring, teeth grinding, dry mouth, dislocation of jaw and sleep apnoea. It is made of breathable material neoprene and is comfortable to wear. It will give relief to you as well as your family members.

These small but active devices can help save your marriage. As a partner, it is up to you to maintain your snoring partner, so you both can experience relief. When both of you are relaxed and well-rested, your relationship will get a new lease on life. So, start with a visit to the doctor to know what could be causing the snoring and then get the appropriate relief aid. Your partner will appreciate the care shown by you, even more, when there is a visible change in your physical and mental health. All that your relationship needs is a step in the right direction but together. Take the action today.


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