Have you ever felt a little uncomfortable breathing while sleeping? Not many would answer this question in an assertive ‘yes’ as many a time symptoms of sleep apnea go unnoticed. This problem only surfaces when the person has gone off to sleep. As per health experts, it is essential to seek timely sleep apnea treatment before the problems become a serious one.

It is the breathing that is most affected by sleep apnea while one is sleeping. When this problem is not treated the breathing cycle is interrupted or shall we say one goes into shallow breathing. This stopping of breath or pauses that last for over 20 seconds goes on and on during the night. The person would think that its deep sleep, but it is just light sleeping.

What happens if sleep apnea treatment is not taken seriously?

Imagine waking up exhausted and dull every morning. With sleep apnea, the body is denied of deep sleep experience that helps a person feel energetic, fresh, productive and mentally alert. Proper sleep is essential in today’s time when work and personal life is so demanding.


Side effects of sleep apnea

  • Deal with sleepiness during daytime when one is expected to be active and productive
  • Even the reflexes become slow due to sleep deprivation
  • The concentration power of mind lowers down considerably
  • While driving the risk of accident also increase

On a serious note, other health problems that are likely to occur are a stroke, high blood pressure, weight gain, diabetes and heart diseases.

Some common signs to identify this problem are as follows:



  • Headaches during morning
  • Waking up with a sore or dry throat
  • Going for frequent urination during the night
  • Feeling depressed or irritated and having mood swings during the day
  • Changes in personality
  • Facing problems in recalling or learning issues
  • Unable to focus on things and ending up feeling dejected

Don’t worry and look at this sleep disorder as something that can be dealt with the right medication. Adopting a good course of treatment can help in controlling this sleep disorder. Medical intervention can aid in getting back to deep sleep that will ultimately help in feeling nice and refreshed.

Cure snoring problem to get rid of sleep apnea

Medical experts cite snoring as one of the reasons that lead to sleep apnea. If the person, first gets rid of snoring then they can experience the joys of deep sleeping. The best remedy is to use anti-snoring relief sprays. This device is known to offer immediate relief and help the person to sleep well.

Make changes in lifestyles

  • Adopt healthy lifestyle like exercising and eating a balanced diet. Try to avoid late night parties and hit the gym first thing in the morning.
  • Start walking if there is no time to go to a gym or take time out to work out. Walk as much as you can as this is considered to be a healthy habit.
  • Give up on smoking and alcohol for some time, at least till your body comes back in shape and a good routine. It will help the internal organs to function properly.
  • Avoid sleeping pills, sedatives and caffeine before going to sleep. Work towards having a natural sleep cycle and not one that is induced using medicines.
  • Use clinically tested products like Asonor anti-snore spray to get rid of sleep-related problems.

Sleep apnea is a serious problem, but it is not something that cannot be treated. Consult a doctor and take the right medication for sleep apnea treatment.

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