How to Stop Snoring

Do you feel people refrain from sleeping around you? No, you might don’t have a habit of kicking them like appa ka scooter like meenamma from Chennai express but there is one another habit that may be very problematic both your yourself and other sleeping around you. Loud snoring is a common problem experienced by both males and females at any age. Not only snoring has a bad impact on the outside but studies have proven that people who have been prolonged snoring have a change of stroke and heart disease apart from the regular respiratory issues. Snoring also disturbs your own sleep leaving you irritated and uncomfortable throughout the day. If you are one of them, be alarmed and read on these tips to stop snoring from immediate effect!

Weight loss

This isn’t a joke! Weight loss can be very beneficial when it comes to snoring. It’s evident that people with weight around their face and neck tend to snore. This is simply because the fat tissues around the area lead to partial collapse of the air trackway causing the problem in breathing. Result: loud roars that are enough to scare away ghosts! Try noticing the time since the snoring has begun. If it’s after you have put on those extra kilos then its time to say hello to treadmill again!

Bid Goodbye to Alcohol

One of the interesting solutions to curb snoring is getting rid of alcohol and sedatives. What exactly tranquillisers, sleeping pills or just your booze does is relax your jaw and muscles mouth. Often numb tongue blocks the air passage. If you are a regular boozer it’s the reason for your snore loser!

Visit an allergist

If you experience conditional snoring, that is snoring sometimes or after happening of anything particular incident, you can visit an allergist to check is your condition is a result of an allergen. Sometimes dust, dust mites and pets may be a reason for your nasal block. Cleanliness and hygiene is definitely the best anti snoring solution.

Quite smoking

There have been many indicators that state that smoking is certainly one of the factors that aggravate snoring. It is said that snoring is the result of upper airway swelling and inflammation. Nevertheless, smoking can cause permanent damage to the respiratory system. Thus, you have another good reason to quit it.

Follow a schedule

Your internal body clock needs to set up in order to provide deep sleep. Not having a set time or schedule causes sleep disturbances and eventually snoring. Thus establishing a healthy routine is important to your body.


Exercising regularly is important for overall health. There are a lot of yoga asana that can help to cure defects in the nasal passage. Exercising shall also benefit in strengthening the overall respiratory system. Apart from this, exercise will also correct your sleeping pattern and assist with weigh loss which again will help in the cure of loud snoring.


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