Effects of Snoring

Snoring is a condition caused by an obstruction in the air movement while sleeping. The vibration caused due to this obstruction can lead to loud snoring noises. While it is a common problem affecting millions of adults, it is not that common in children. However, that does not mean children cannot have the problem.

Almost 3 percent of children aged between one and nine are likely to have sleep apnea or upper airway resistance syndrome. If left untreated there can be dangerous consequences for your child.

Effects of Snoring

Effects of Snoring

Solutions for snoring are necessary, or else, your little ones will be left tired and restless for the entire day. Sometimes for kinds snoring and difficulty in breathing during night time may be directly linked to aggressive behavior, difficulty in acquiring knowledge and hyperactivity.


Snoring in adults and children are more or less the same, but there have to be minor adjustments when treating snoring in children.

In case your child has snoring problems, here are some of the snoring solutions;

  • Take your child to a specialist.
  • If your child is overweight, change his diet and make him/her exercise regularly.
  • If extra big adenoids and tonsils are the root cause of your child’s snoring, get them surgically removed.
  • If it is an extreme case of snoring check whether your child’s snoring occurs with gasps, snorts or pauses. If the answer is in the affirmative, your kid might have sleep apnea. Consult a sleep apnea doctor immediately.

You do not need to rush to a doctor always especially if it’s just snoring.

Other remedies which can be tried itself at home are:

Change the sleep position:

Sleeping on the back may cause snoring too. This is because the gravity pulls the uvula causing an obstruction. Roll him on his side in a gentle manner to get rid of the problem.

Get an air purifier:

Your child might feel stuffy due to dust allergies. Get an air purifier for his room and make sure that the door of his room is shut. Air purifiers keep the air pure and make you feel less claustrophobic which in turn reduces snoring.

Check for Sinus or Nasal Congestion:

Children may also snore due to sinus and nasal congestion causing an obstruction in the air passage. Often treating these problems may also help in reducing or treating the problem of snoring completely.

The above snoring solutions should help your child but be aware snoring can also occur due to issues like Down syndrome, cleft palates or a receding chin. Make sure that your child doesn’t have these complications. Consult a pediatrician if the problem of snoring persists.

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