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The thing which has become the sleeping partner of almost every person is ‘SNORING’.  It is disturbing almost every individual while having their most precious practice ‘sleeping’.  According to NATIONAL SLEEP FOUNDATION snoring affects 90 million adults.

What Stage Of Sleep Do You Snore?

What Is Snoring

It is a sound resulting from turbulent airflow that causes tissues to vibrate during sleep. This troublesome problem can be treated well by fathoming the various stages of sleep and getting known that at what stage does snoring occurs.

Why Do People Snore

Why do you snore? What causes snoring? These are common questions you ask yourself if you are a snorer. Snoring can be occur because of many reasons. This can be due to allergies, or may be due to the swelling of the upper airway that causes snoring.

Mostly people get affected by dry air or climate changes. There may be lot of dust or population that can feel like congested. If you are overweight, then it may be the reason of snoring for you.

Snoring has the tendency of occurring according to the stages of sleep and to be aware of your stage in which you snore is a very important thing to know. Sometimes people take it lightly but if you are snoring at fifth stage then it may be a serious topic to know about.  Let’s find out how?

Stages Of Sleep

Sleep includes FIVE stages .The first stage is called introduction to sleep; second stage is called beginning of sleep.  After this come the third and fourth stage of sleep which is slow wave sleep and after this come REM or Rapid Eye Movement sleep at this stage dreaming occurs.

Snoring and Sleep Stages

Snoring mainly occurs heavily during third and fourth stages of sleep which is deep slow. On the other hand during REM sleep stage snoring can grow irregular. Snoring changes throughout the stages of sleep. Snoring mostly occurs in the third stage of sleep.  There are less changes of snoring in first and second stage but it is possible for some times.

Snoring occurs more when the person is more relaxed than usual.  It doesn’t normally occur in the fifth stage which is REM.  Snoring at some stages can be a sign of health problems. In the fifth stage of sleep snoring is a sign of a serious sleep disorder called SLEEP APNEA.


Snoring is that problem which we all usually ignore but our ignorance can lead to severe inconceivable results.  Sleep Apnea is also major sleep destruction and snoring at fifth stage can be a bold sign of it.

As it is well said “Precaution is better than cure”, therefore one should not ignore the beginning indication of snoring and one must take required action.


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