Has snoring causing a problem in your life? Does your spouse suffer with sleep deprivation due to your snoring issues? If you are snoring every night, you are not alone. It is a sleep related issue that affects millions of people of all ages all over the world.  Not only does snoring become a nuisance to your bed partner, but is a harbinger of ailments for you.  One of the major issues that heavy snorers deal with is Obstructive Sleep Apnea.

When you sleep and get into REM sleep, your tongue, throat relax along with the throat muscles relax. Oftentimes, the tongue falls back into the throat, or loose tissue causes the blocking of the air passages. The narrowing of the respiratory pathways leads to forced airflow, causing snoring.

How Do Lifestyle Choices Lead to Snoring?

However, a little-known fact is that sometimes, snoring is due to your lifestyle choices or underlying medical conditions and plays an important role in the severity and occurrence. If you are looking for more information about how snoring is exacerbated by poor lifestyle choices, we can help you address the issue:

High BMI: One of the key lifestyle factors that contributes to snoring is obesity and high BMI. When you have excess weight, the fat layers around the throat area, puts pressure leading to narrowing of the air passages. That obstructs the free flowing of air and results in snoring. By losing weight and leading an active lifestyle can put your snoring at bay.

Cut down on eating Inflammatory food: Gluten and dairy products are known to increase mucus production which causes nasal congestion, leading to snoring. It helps to cut down and modify your diet to ensure that you can stop snoring, if this is the reason behind it.

Sedentary Lifestyle: If you have a sedentary lifestyle and don’t actively exercise, it can be a cause of snoring. In most cases, loss of physical activity can diminish the muscle strength. Weak throat muscles tend to collapse when you are asleep which leads to snoring. By incorporating regular throat and tongue exercises along with a more active lifestyle choices can help you reduce your nightly snoring.

Smoking Is a No-No: Not only does smoking causes cancer, but it is detrimental to your health, as it increases your chances of heavy snoring. The chemicals in cigarettes tend to irritate the throat lining and causes swelling. That narrows the air passages, causing an obstruction when you inhale or exhale. That is snoring. If you have pollen or other allergies, you might be snoring occasionally.

Avoid Consumption of Alcohol: Alcohol tends to loosen up the muscles and over-relaxes the mind and body. And that is why if you drink alcohol or take a sedative in the evening, you would be snoring at night. It is best to avoid taking in sedatives or alcohol very close to bedtime.

Sleeping position:  How you sleep contributes to snoring so if you sleep on your back, you might be snoring more than when you sleep on your side. The way you position your body during sleep makes a difference. The reason is that when you sleep on your back, your tongue falls back into the throat, partially blocking the airways. That causes snoring. But when you sleep on your side, it minimizes snoring as airways remain open.

Sleep properly: If your lifestyle dictates that you get to sleep late, chances are high that you are not getting adequate sleep. That makes you over tired and leads to snoring as your muscles relaxes a little too much due to exhaustion. Going to bed and waking up at a consistent time ensures a comfortable sleep pattern, which reduces snoring.  It is best to avoid using your phone or other electronic devices before you go to bed.

Change your pillow: It is important to have clean pillows as dust mites and pet dander is one of the leading causes of snoring. These cause allergies which leads to nasal congestions and cold. Frequently changing pillows helps to maintain the hygiene that is needed for a good night’s sleep.

Factors Contributing to Snoring

Apart from lifestyle issues, there are other risk factors that have to be considered that make you prone to snoring. These include:

  • Being over-weight
  • A male
  • Family history of having sleep apnea
  • Having respiratory issues
  • Physical abnormalities – deviated septum, inflammation in adenoids/tonsils

Sleep apnea is a serious sleep related disorder that needs immediate medical attention. If you wake up gasping to breathe all through the night and are a heavy snorer, you need assistance, as you might have sleep apnea. Usually, it is the bed partner that notices your episodes of breathlessness as there is a few seconds of pause in breathing. If you are going through something similar, it is important to discuss it with your healthcare professionals while you work on creating a change in your lifestyle.  

Although you might have tried various stop snoring remedies, which might not have been effective, you need to do a deeper introspection on your lifestyle choices. It is essential for your overall well-being to stay active and lose the extra pounds. Practicing good sleep hygiene to addressing your allergies, everything counts when you want to focus on finding the connection between your lifestyle choices and snoring.

One of the more effective ways is by using Asonor anti-snoring nasal spray. In all the studies and clinical trials, it proved its efficiency as 3 out of 4 people found relief from nightly snoring. The nasal spray helps to tighten the loose tissue, opens the air passages and ensures that you can breathe better which helps to get you restful sleep at night. We know that by making positive lifestyle changes and getting your underlying issues treated, you will not only reduce the snoring severity and level but get a good night’s sleep.

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Asonor is the market leader in Denmark within its category. Asonor effect on snoring is clinically proven and was registered in 2005 by the health authorities in the EU. Today Asonor is registered by the health authorities in more than 70 countries. At Asonor, we aim to help you sleep comfortably, breathe easier and live healthier. We are the world leading brand in anti-snoring medicine, distributing worldwide through an expanding and highly successful network of distributors.


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