Snoring is never taken seriously unless it creates a disturbance. Although, nowadays people have started taking snoring seriously. But, there is a slight confusion between snoring and sleep apnea. Since, both gave the same result of noise, no matter what the cause is. And, thus it is necessary for everyone to know the causes of sleep apnea and how to treat it.

In simple terms, sleep apnea can be described as the disruption caused during night time due to repeatedly stops and starts of breathing. In fact, it is being found that every 2 in 10 are suffering from sleep apnea.

Well to make it more serious, if untreated sleep apnea can even cause hypertension, stroke, or heart failure to the person.

Thus, it is important to classify them into three types that are; Obstructive, central and mixed. Obstructive sleep apnea: It is caused by partial or complete blockage of the nasal passage. Obstructive sleep apnea in most general form has an effect of over 6% of the population. Here, a person’s throat muscles relax, allowing the tongue and fatty tissues of the throat to fall back into the airways and block the airflow while sleep.

Central sleep apnea: It is the situation, when the brain temporarily fails to give signal. Muscles responsible for controlling breathing create central sleep apnea. It is more of a communication problem, unlike obstructive.

Medical problems and conditions which affect the brainstem can result in central sleep apnea.

Mixed sleep apnea: It is the condition, where obstructive or central sleep apnea result in mixed sleep apnea. It is also known as complex sleep apnea. Well, the symptoms are hard to distinguish between the types.

The causes of all the above types of sleep apnea is almost same that is,

  • Gaining weight
  • Over consumption of Alcohol and sleeping pills before going to bed
  • Sleeping in the same position whole night
  • Smoking on daily basis and before going to bed.
  • Sleeping on the back.

Since, we know the causes of sleeping apnea, we can also go for the treatment simply. By quit smoking, drinking and consuming sleeping pills. Do exercise daily to stay fit and get the benefit. Change the sleeping position and sleep properly.


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