An average human being experiences the occurrence of snoring at least once in their lifetime. Snoring is a nuisance that unconsciously hinders sleep and causes an inconvenience to those around as well. Snoring is prevalent amongst men and there have been studies stating that it has caused several marital problems. It is a common problem that does have a huge impact in your life; both physically and emotionally. Snoring is a grunting sound that a person lets out during his or her sleep when the air flow is hindered. While in sleep, the throat muscles can relax which causes the tongue to move backwards, thus causing a total disruption in the air flow. The immediate fix is to tighten the throat muscles in order to provide a smooth pathway for the air to move through the nostrils.

Cause of Snoring

People have accepted snoring as a part of their sleep cycle and not many people bother to ask a very important question, ‘Why do I snore?’. In order to solve the problem of snoring, you will have to comprehend the factors that cause the problem in the first place. Here are some reasons why snoring occurs:

Obesity: Being obese can lead to improper sleep due to persistent snoring. Regular exercise and clean eating can help create a better lifestyle which will in the long run combat snoring.

Age: A factor you cannot prevent. You just have to change your lifestyle to incorporate throat exercises.

Excessive alcohol and smoking: They have done no one any good. Just stop and you will see how your life turns around.

Sleep posture: Sleeping on your back can lead to the relaxation of your throat muscles. It is advised to sleep on your side.

Allergies and nasal congestion: Sometimes a cold or flu can lead to mild snoring. This factor can be easily managed with the help of steams and nasal sprays.

Medication: Certain medicines like tranquilizers can lead to snoring.

These are just the common reasons of snoring. There are many others that can really tamper with your health. Take action and eliminate snoring totally.

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You do not need a prescription to buy Asonor.
In most countries you can buy Asonor at your local Pharmacies or you can order Asonor online safe and easy here.

One should use Asonor every evening before going to bed. Please avoid eating, drinking or brushing your teeth after taking Asonor, as this will reduce the effectiveness of the product.

Tilt your head back and pump into each nostril until you can feel the solution in your throat. Usually, 4 to 6 pumps in each nostril are sufficient. The liquid solution should not remain in the nose, as the effect takes place once it can be felt in the throat.

The pump delivery system has been designed to work in any direction for easy application and deliver a “jet-stream” of the solution rather than a spray or atomization (which other nose drops products use) to avoid the solution staying in the nose.

Generally, Asonor will be effective from the first night, but in rare cases the effect will not take place for up to 14 days after beginning of use.

See the Asonor how-to-use Video:

Asonor effectively removes the cause of snoring. It is an easy and simple treatment, which relieves you from many if the nuisances snoring causes. Asonor lubricates and softens the mucous membranes in the throat, whilst also slightly tightening the musculature in the throat. This means that breathing becomes easy and unobstructed, and furthermore prevents the dry mouth that many snorers complain about in the morning.

With 4 to 6 pumps in each nostril before going to bed, the effect of the treatment will normally begin to abate after 7 to 8 hours.

If the effect starts to abate earlier or to prolong the effect, increase the dosage to 6-7 pumps in each nostril.

Yes, everyone can use the product.

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