One of the major sleep related issues affecting millions of people, is loud snoring.  While you can ignore mild snoring to an extent, loud and chronic snoring can lead to serious health issues and disrupt your sleep patterns. It is important to know the reason behind the loud snoring that you and your bed partner are enduring every night.

Causes of loud snoring

Throat And Mouth Anatomy:

One of the reasons of loud snoring is the varied anatomy of the throat and mouth. If you have enlarged adenoids or tonsils, deviated septum or narrow air passages, it can block proper flow of air when you sleep. This leads to higher vibrations of the loose tissue and causes the snoring.

Congestion In Nasal Passages:

It is common to have congestion in the nasal passages due to allergies, deviated septum or even because of sinus infections. All of these can clog up the breathing airways and makes it difficult to breathe normally. This can trigger snoring, as you breathe through your mouth.


Fat layers accumulate around the throat and neck, and that is why excess weight can put pressure on the throat or the breathing airways. That narrows them and leads to snoring. To alleviate snoring, it is best to lose extra pounds and find breathing easier at night.

Prescription medication and alcohol:

Drinking alcohol before bed can hamper your sleep patterns by relaxing the muscles in your throat. That leads to loud snoring. While the side effects of some sedatives/prescription medicines have the same effect.

Sleeping style:

Sleeping on your back increases your risk of snoring loudly while sleeping on your side can reduce snoring. The main reason is that by sleeping on your side, the breathing passages remain open and you tend to breathe better. That reduces snoring episodes. However, when you sleep on your back, the tongue falls back into the throat and there is considerable narrowing of the airways. That obstructs airflow and leads to loud snoring.

Obstructive Sleep Apnea

Among the common sleep disorders that are commonly associated with loud snoring is Obstructive sleep apnea. It is a condition wherein there are repeated episodes of breathlessness, due to a partial or full collapse of the airway during sleep. Sleep disorders affect the depth and quality of sleep leading to obstructions in the airways and muscle relaxation leading to snoring.

How to Stop Snoring Loudly

Although there are many devices and over-the-counter remedies that claim to help you stop snoring, you need to find the cause of the loud snoring before you find the right solution. From nasal drops to chin straps and CPAP machines to help you breathe better and stop snoring, you can make other lifestyle modifications that can be beneficial.

Sleeping position:

If you are a loud snorer, you can reduce the intensity or even stop snoring if you start sleeping on your side, instead of sleeping on your back. You can use a tennis all or a body pillow behind your back so that you don’t turn over and roll on your back, when you are asleep.

Lose weight:

While losing weight is a great option for those struggling with obesity can help you stop snoring, as it reduces the layers of fat from the neck and throat areas, reducing the pressure over the breathing airways. That helps you breathe better when you lay down at night.  It helps to have a regular sleep schedule and get a proper amount of restful sleep improves sleep hygiene.

Nasal Sprays and Strips:

The nasal strips are applied over the nose, helps to widen the nostrils helping you breathe better and stops or reduces the snoring. The sprays help to alleviate nasal congestion for sleeping better. Asonor anti storing nasal spray is one of the highly acclaimed clinically tested remedy to stop snoring. All you need to do is apply it every night before you sleep and it tightens the loose nasal and throat tissue, helping you breathe better.

Using Oral Appliances:

Tongue-retaining devices (TRDs) and Mandibular advancement devices (MADs) will help you breathe better by keeping the nasal passages open. The main cause of loud snoring is the tongue falling backwards and TRDs hold the tongue in place, leaving the airways open for better breathing. The MADs work to reposition the lower jaw to ensure that the tongue stays in place. It helps to keep the mouth closed when you sleep and reduce snoring.

Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP):

This is the most common treatment provided to people suffering with sleep apnea. This is a device that comes with a mask that the individual wears over the nose and mouth during the sleep. The device provides pressurized air flow to stop the airways to collapse and cause any breathing interruption.

Invasive surgeries:

When you have a physical abnormality that is causing you to snore loudly at night, you might be recommended to get surgery done. This is usually done in cases of structural abnormalities like a deviated septum, nasal polyps or removal of adenoids or swollen tonsils. Your doctor would be able to diagnose and recommend the necessary surgery.

Finding the right solution to loud snoring

We know that you can snore loudly for a variety of reasons but to find the right solution, it is important to pinpoint the real cause. Snoring is not only an underlying factor for a variety of ailments but can lead to strained relationship, disrupt sleep patterns and lead to poor productivity at work. Whether you opt for changing the sleep position, try weight loss or lifestyle modifications, it is important to find a solution that addresses the sleep disorders and related loud snoring.

It becomes important to consult with a medical professional to know the effective treatment methods that will help you sleep better without the constant snoring. There are many effective treatment options and one of the best non-invasive remedies is Asonor anti snoring nasal spray. To know more about loud snoring and ways to stop snoring, contact Asonor today.


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