Snoring during pregnancy is a common issue. Thousands of pregnant women around the world complain that they have started snoring right after 2-3 months of conceiving though they never snored before. It is estimated that 1 in every 4 pregnant women around the world snore. This may cause a major sleep disruption to you or your partner. Doctors have to face these patients and problem frequently as pregnant women look for a permanent snore solution during this vital period of their life.

Why Do Pregnant Women Snore

Causes Of Snoring During Pregnancy

If you had never snored before and it has started after pregnancy, the probable cause may be the hormonal changes and weight gain. These hormonal changes cause some changes in the body forming more mucus and causing swelling in the nasal area, at the same time, you could detect extra fat in the neck and back. Apart from that, your sleeping posture could be the other reason. All these matters increase the chance of snoring.

When Should You Consult a Doctor?

If you are snoring a lot, and family members living with you feel disturbed, you can consult a doctor. There are some situations when you should consult your physician:

  • If it is really disturbing your sleep or you feel that sleep apnea has been forming.
  • Your legs are looking swollen, especially after a sleep.
  • Feeling headache even after sleeping for 4-5 hours.

Sleep apnea is not good for you and the fetus. It creates obstacles during breathing, as a result, the body gets less oxygen.

Prevent Snoring With Some Easy Methods

If you want, you can prevent snoring during pregnancy in the following ways:

  • Correct your sleeping posture. As the time passes, you will feel comfortable sleeping on your back. This can increase the chance of snoring. Better, to sleep slightly one-sided, especially left with your head slightly up with a pillow.
  • Expected mothers gain weight. It is mainly due to the hormonal changes and lesser body movements. Try to perform some exercises for your neck and shoulder in sitting posture. However, always take advice from your medical consultant before doing such exercises. Anyway, reducing extra fat from the neck area and shoulder can reduce the problem.
  • Keep vigilance on your daily calorie intake. Do not eat high-fat products. Take lots of fibrous vegetables and fruits.
  • Check your blood pressure regularly. Sometimes high blood pressure can cause snoring.
  • You can use medical kits for stopping irritating snoring. Nasal strips are readily available in drugstores, otherwise, use highly effective nasal solutions like the one marketed by Asonor. These products are free from any side-effects and can be used during pregnancy.
  • Don’t indulge in any kinds of alcohol or tobacco. Even, don’t use any sleeping tablet without a medical practitioner’s advice. This is not good for your baby either.

Above all, do not panic as snoring during pregnancy is common but it is a temporary problem. Within the 2 months of delivery, this problem goes out automatically. However, taking precautions as stated above are always good measures for your health as also for the fetus.


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