Snoring is something that cannot be easily eradicated if you do not know how to approach the problem. It will take a strategic approach by first knowing the cause and then designing the plan.

Snoring can be a simple soft purring sound or a loud freight train rattling that can devastate the mental peace of the nearby people. Most of the adults snore these days and the reasons are obvious. The sedentary lifestyle, an improper diet, lack of interest in physical activities, increased couch-hugging time, etc make a person physically unfit. The bodyweight starts to increase rapidly once you enter this phase and find yourself in a big problem. There are many natural reasons behind snoring but most of the time; the cause of snoring is manmade.

Incessant snoring can take a toll on your health. It has been researched and confirmed that snoring means obstruction in proper breathing during sleeping. This also signifies that a person is unable to breathe properly at night. The irregular or labored breathing causes a deficiency of oxygen level in the blood circulatory system. The rest is obvious. Due to the lack of oxygen, a tension is created in almost all the vital organs in the body. Due to prolonged stress on the organs, many unwanted diseases start to appear in the future in a premature stage. Snoring is linked to hypertension, cardiovascular diseases, improper cognitive functioning, diabetes, etc. There are many excellent solutions available. All you have to do is to take the first step. Consult a doctor first and then discover the reason for your incessant snoring. Apart from the medical consultation and solution, you can do these following things to get rid of snoring or reduce its degree to a huge extent.

10 ways to reduce snoring

  1. Reduce alcohol consumption

It has been found that a person consuming alcohol snores louder than his normal days. This means that alcohol has a relaxing effect on the muscles and soft tissues. The tautness of the muscles tends to lose when you consume alcohol. In the same way, the nasal passage and throat reduce in size causing more obstruction. The breathing becomes heavier and stressful causing you to snore. Stop consuming alcohol at dinner. Drinking before you hit the bed cause you to snore more.

  • Sedatives

When a patient is on sedatives, it can make him snore more. Sedatives naturally relax muscles. As mentioned earlier, the nasal passage and throat will lose its tautness thus leading to snoring even heavier. The use of sedatives can make you snore. In fact, medical experts suggest staying away from alcohol consumption when you are on sleeping medications. You might not be able to stop sleeping medications but can try to find natural ways to fall asleep and enjoy a good night sleep.

  • Sensible weight loss

Another most important reason for snoring is increased BMI. An overweight person snores more. In fact, due to age, the neck region starts accumulating more mass causing the airways to reduce in size. In fact, the accumulation of soft tissues also reduces the tonicity of the muscles in the passage. Due to excess weight, the lumen size of the airways reduces even more. This is where shedding weight can be a very helpful way to eradicate snoring. Losing weight via diet plans and active lifestyle will automatically increase the lumen size of air passages. The degree of snoring will reduce steadily. In fact, you will be able to sleep properly at night without taking any medication.

  • Anti snoring solution

There are excellent over-the-counter anti snoring solutions that you can use. The best solution to tackle snoring problems is by using an anti snoring nasal spray. The brands like Asonor have formulated clinically-approved anti snoring sprays for patients of all ages. The simple packaging allows a patient to administer a dose easily. A single dose will help you sleep easily at night without feeling any breathing obstruction. This particular solution can be added to your contemporary plan as an instant relief.

  • Opening airways using essential oils

If the reason behind your snoring is congestion then you can use various essential oils to open your nasal passage. You can make a simple DIY formula by mixing the same volume of chosen essential oil and water. You can spray it inside your nose using a nozzle dispenser and then go to sleep. The 1:1 volume by volume solution will keep your nose open for hours and you will be able to sleep without suffering any congestion.

  • Altering sleeping position

If the reason for your snoring is sleeping in a supine position, you can change your position. Make it a habit to sleep on your side. Sleeping on your side will help you to keep your mouth closed. You can stop your tongue from slipping back and blocking the throat. Once you have freed your throat from blockage, you will feel breathe freely and sleep properly.

  • Changes in diet

Dietary changes will not only help you to reduce your weight but will also forbid you from consuming something that builds mucus in your throat.

  • Smoking

In some cases, smoking can irritate your throat tissues. When your throat tissues feel irritated and dried, they tend to close down and vibrate during breathing.

  • External support devices

Nasal dilators, mandibular advancement devices, nasal strips, mouth guards, etc can help you to reduce snoring. The prime obstacle in this solution is the utter discomfort a patient experiences while using these devices.

  1. Allergy treatment

If allergies are congesting your nasal passage and throat, you will have to take allergic medications. First seek consultation from a doctor and then use the prescribed medications.

Final words

The ultimate snore solution is using the anti snoring spray. The use of the snoring spray will immediately impart relief to your nasal passage. You can easily get rid of the obstruction and breathe normally. Apart from using this solution, you will have to make the changes in your life mentioned above. The constructive plan will help you to get rid of snoring once and for all.


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