Snoring is a strange kind of problem really! Typically, the one who snores is oblivious to being a nuisance for the partner. On the other hand, the one who suffers can get into a serious problem of sleep apnea. People snoring heavily usually tend to deny their problem, causing major disagreement. These things can be very serious, even though stemming from an apparently simple issue. Incidents of cute couples losing their relationship charms due to this weird habit are actually numerous. In many situations, such things may even lead to divorces or loss of friendship.

Not only the partner who endures but also the one with the problem may be a patient of chronic apnea. If your nose is involuntarily emitting terrible sounds when you are getting drowsy, it is because you have a breathing issue. Your nasal passage is suffering from fat blockage. This is causing a forceful release of the exhaled air, and therefore the noise. With such forced breathing, your slumber remains incomplete, however hard you may try.

Once you get over your denial, you would realize that making such strange sounds is not a matter of pride or anything! The noise affects your sleeping patterns as well, whether you realize it or not. Continued and neglected lack of sleep over the years can lead to major health issues. It affects your nervous and reproductive systems, among other things. It tends to cloud your sense of judgment, making you irritable and resentful all the time. Besides, as snoring indicates an excess of fat deposit in the nasal passage, it is more likely that you have an obesity issue. However, this may not be a general conclusion.

Even lean people can suffer from this issue, caused by a reason other than a narrowing of the exhalation passage. Nevertheless, in the case of obesity being a major issue, take note! It increases your chances of having a heart attack or suffering from other forms of chronic cardiac illness. Contrary to however helpless and futile you feel, there are remedies against snoring. These include improving the physical conditions that cause the issue and working on the right sleeping postures. Practicing correct breathing techniques through yoga can have long-term positive results.

Apart from these, you can consider different contraptions for the purpose. Some people use nasal clips to ensure that the nose cavities remain open when you doze off. However, there are certain key issues. Firstly, it is awkward to sleep with a perpendicular clip on the nose. It is not actually an exciting prospect to look at! Furthermore, one needs to sleep straight to keep it in place. If you are turning sideways or sleeping on your chest, it falls off, resuming the problem, and affecting your rest as well.

Nasal sprays can be effective solutions. Many doctors recommend the special snore sprays that are easy to apply. They work by keeping the nasal passage open to allow smooth movement of air. These can be helpful if your problem is caused due to dilated muscles of the nasal lumen. A single use of the spray would suffice for the night. If you are snoring because of a persistent stuffy nose, such medicines can definitely be helpful.

For many patients, snoring can be due to a natural physical issue obstructing the passage of air. The deviated nasal septum is a typical reason. Either it is a natural phenomenon, or you may get it from a nose injury. Consider the surgical option if it is serious. Remember that sleep apnea is nothing that you should neglect. If you grasp for air in the middle of the night, it puts you into a frenzied mental state and may lead to depression. The internal shape of your oral passage can have a physical misshape as well. Go for a medical checkup to ascertain whether you need surgical help.

Among the other reasons why you may be snoring, take a close look at the medications you take. Are you on regular antidepressant pills? Do you know that the effects from these pills can cause your nasal and throat muscles to dilate? These can become so loose that they tend to vibrate heavily upon breathing, resulting in terrible snoring sounds. Moreover, such pills can become addictive as well. Therefore, you have to be very careful about not developing a bad habit. You may need special in-house therapy to get off addiction if you are already into it. Check out with your doctor who would prescribe different pills if necessary. The anti-snoring nasal spray can be helpful here as well.

Weight management goals hold the key to the solutions of many common health problems including snoring. Start dealing with obesity with a long-term goal. Include a balanced regimen of workout schedules and diet over time. It is necessary to keep up with your willingness to reduce weight and not become lazy.

Avoid the temptations of indulging in junk foods. Eating disorder is actually a major problem where people tend to suppress their worries by eating heavily. It does not help and tends to make matters worse every day. Instead, cultivate healthy habits such as going for morning runs or sweating it out at the gym for an hour daily. As for dieting tips, avoid rich oily foods. Avoid excess calories from alcohol as well. In fact, experience shows that people who consume alcohol with dinner are more likely to snore when they doze. Apart from contributing to your obesity, it also causes an increase in blood sugar level.

Another common mistake should be to expect fast and short cut results. Take your time to get over the fat from your body and the sluggishness of your mind. Consider applying simple dieting tips such as using a smaller plate size while you eat. Replace typical heavy breakfasts with fruit juices to start your day. You can definitely keep using sprays for further help to get a good night’s sleep.


If you are at a loss about where to begin, start with being aware of your problem and do not deny its implications on your personal and social life. Once you can motivate yourself to the willingness, the rest of it would eventually be easy.       


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