A harsh sound which occurs when the air passes through the relaxed throat tissue causing the vibrating sound is nothing but snoring. Often people neglect this sleeping issue and consider it normal but at times, the severity increases so much that it becomes a chronic problem. And this is not just restricted to the snorer itself. It becomes a reason for disturbed sleep, daytime headache, giddiness, and uneasiness due to lack of sleep for the partner too.

Therefore, one should know the different causes in detail which triggers the snoring sound and the variety of anti-snoring devices and ways may reduce disruptive snoring problem. However serious it becomes, if any of the below things mentioned are noticeable, it’s time for you to bring about the necessary changes to incorporate for a healthy living.

  1. Common causes of snoring:  Before the normal sign converts it into a chronic problem, it is advised to notice the below list of causes which might be the reason for your snoring sleeping issue. While, the anti-snoring spray might be one of the product to help reduce the sound, knowing the causes in detail and accordingly working towards its remedy is the right way to treat it well.
  • Sleeping position: When the throat muscles and tongue relax during sleeping at the back, the tongue falls back and congests the airway, causing loud vibrating sound.
  • Overweight: Staying healthy is not just to look good but also to be away from health issues. Excessive weight often results in fat tissue to concentrate around the throat narrowing the airway, causing snoring. However, one should maintain a healthy diet and work on weight.
  • Allergy: Allergies like wheezing and others also causes nasal congestion which leads to loud snoring while asleep.
  • Consumption of Relaxant: Relaxant like alcohol, pills or cigarette relaxes the nerves and creates a calming and soothing effect on the body which narrows the nasal passage creating vibrating snoring sound. Avoiding their consumption, especially before bedtime is imperative.
  • Sleeping pattern: When the sleeping pattern is not set, the effect on the brain is similar to what alcohol does to the body. After long working hours, a sudden muscle relaxes in the body makes the muscles floppier causing snoring.
  • Nasal passage: It is important that the nasal passage must be clear and free from mucus. If the nasal is blocked due to allergy or cold, the congestion prevents free-breathing which results in loud snoring.
  • Pregnancy/ Genetics: Due to extra weight during pregnancy, the women have bulky throat tissue which causes snoring. At times, it is also the reason for a genetic factor like enlarged tonsils, long soft palate, large adenoids, long uvula which creates vibrating sound.
  • OSA- Obstructive sleep apnea: Frequent pauses in breathing is the main symptom of this sleeping issue. In this, the throat tissue partially blocks the airway causing a gasping feeling or loud snoring sound.
  • Absurd Physical Condition: If the above all mentioned is not the cause or reason for your snoring, deformity of the nose bone, swelling in the muscular part inside the mouth and tonsils and swollen adenoids in the children are other reasons for the occurrence of snoring.
  • Complications associated with snoring: Before jumping to the effective remedies to treat the different kinds of snoring, knowing the complications tied-up with snoring sound is vital to take effective measures to treat it. Other than disturbing the bed partner’s sleep, if snoring has become severe, below are the side effects associated with it.
  • Constant daytime sleepiness feeling
  • Anger or frustration on peak
  • Difficulty in concentrating or focusing
  • Risk of high blood pressure, heart conditions like heart attack
  • Behavioural issues like aggression and learning problem
  • High risk of accidents due to lack of sleep and focus while driving
  • Effective remedies to treat snoring: Without treating the causes and complications associated with snoring casually, knowing about the other effective remedies other than using anti-snoring sprays helps in improving and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.
  • Reducing weight: The adversity of snoring will reduce if there is a decrease in weight loss. Therefore, one should focus on eating and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. For some, it helps cure the snoring issue completely while on others, it helps in reducing the loudness of the sound.
  • Quitting sedatives like smoking and alcohol: The sedatives like alcohol and smoking relaxes the tissue of the respiratory system which narrows the airway to a larger extent causing the snoring issue. Other than this, it even causes cancer and leads to other health issues. Therefore, quitting these habits becomes vital.
  • Adhesive strips: The anti-snoring adhesive strips is one of the easiest ways to control on snoring. Made with microvalve technology, it fits around the nose comfortably which creates airway pressure to keep the airway open preventing snoring.
  • Asonor Anti-snoring spray: Clinically proven and an effective anti-snoring spray, these are used to reduce the congestion so there is no loud sound while sleeping. A pump for few times in a day is enough to have a good night sleep for the snorer and the partner too.
  • Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP): If someone is suffering from an acute snoring issue like obstructive sleep apnea, this device is one of the most effective in treating the breathing issues. The continuous pressurized airflow with the help of mask-like device helps in avoiding the airway to collapse preventing severe loud sound and snoring. The air pressure will change from person to person depending on the severity of the snoring issue one is facing.
  • Night shift device: This is not just the device to help treat the obstructive sleep apnea with the help of vibrotactile positional therapy to stay off the back while sleeping, but in fact it is a lot more beyond. The device monitors and stores the relevant data like tracking the quality of sleep, the frequency of loud snoring occurred, the number of hours of sleep, etc.

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