Snoring can be exasperating for both you and your spouse. But, before you take this lightly and leave it aside as just another cause of embarrassment, know that snoring is the reason of a lot of health related issues. We often do not give snoring the due credit it deserves when it comes to creating health complications for us indirectly. Often snoring devices like nasal sprays comes to our rescue if it is just snoring, but significant complications might occur if we are experiencing sleep apnea. Let us take at some of the health conditions that are connected to snoring, which you were previously unaware of.




Studies have shown that there is a strong connection between snoring and the habit of going to the bathroom in the middle of the night, multiple times. Men and women over 55 who do this regularly might not only be snoring but also suffering from sleep apnea. Most people believe that urinating multiple times during the night is because of the expanding but non-harmful prostate but know that more often than not it is related to snoring.

Unwanted Fat


Usually, people who snore do not realize that this major hindrance to their sleep is occurring to their excessive weight. It does not matter if you are a light or deep snorer; if you feel that you have gained weight in the past few months, it might be directly proportional to your snoring. Because of the added weight around your neck, it becomes difficult for you to breathe, and then you start snoring. Get rid of that unwanted fat as soon as possible.

Mental/Emotional Health

If you are a snorer or worse suffering from sleep apnea, it means that throughout the daytime, you will either remain tired or be in an irritable mood or if you are unlucky, then both. People who are unable to sleep properly at night often complain about anxiety and depression. Therefore, the next time you feel low or irritated without any proper reason, you know what is causing it.

Accidents and Injuries

Lack of sleep often leads to a negative chain of events. If your sleep is disturbed at night, it is inevitable that you will feel drowsy during the daytime. Imagine yourself falling asleep in the middle of the road, that too while driving. This puts both you and people around you at risk. Make sure that you do not get into a car accident due to snoring.

Stroke and Cardiac Arrest


Heart Attack

Atrial fibrillation, which in non-technical language is the change of heartbeats, might prove to be life threatening if it happens to people with sleep apnea. Also, consult a doctor immediately if you are snorer as overweight people’s neck are often filled with plaque (deposits of fat) which makes them snore and ultimately leads to a stroke.

If losing weight does not help, you can always wear a CPAP mask, a snoring device that helps you to deal with both snoring and sleep apnea. However, this can be quite discomforting. Another alternative snore treatment is the use of snoring devices like anti snore sprays that also work quite effectively.

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