6 Herbal-Remedies-To-Get-Rid-Of-Snoring

Getting a good night’s sleep next to someone who snores a lot can be quite a task and can cause a severe discomfort not just to the sufferer but also to the ones around.

Not only does it manage to irritate those around the inflicted, but it can also cause quite a few problems to the person who is inflicted as well. From topical ailments such as headaches, all the way to a heart attack or stroke, snoring or medically known as sleep apnea, can become a huge problem for one’s health.

6 Herbal-Remedies-To-Get-Rid-Of-Snoring

However, there are natural herbal remedies for snoring that are completely natural and go a long way in getting rid of it.


Cardamom is one of the most recognizable and used spices in the world. It helps clear up congested airways especially in the nasal passage. Freeing up the nasal passage then makes it easier for breathing and instead of relying on the mouth for air intake; one can just inhale and exhale through the nose. Adding cardamom powder to a glass of water before sleeping is the way to apply this remedy.


Peppermints are usually used for countering bad breath. However, it has properties that make it an excellent remedy for snoring. The membranes present in the linings of the throat as well as the nostrils swell up sometimes causing people to snore. Peppermint aids in reducing that swelling and frees up the airway. A drop or two of peppermint oil is needed to gargle before sleeping.


Throughout history, turmeric has been known to contain powerful properties that make it a strong antiseptic and antibiotic agent. Turmeric helps treat inflammation that causes snoring. In order to effectively apply this, one must drink it with milk at least half an hour before going to bed, and it should be strictly followed on a daily basis.

4.Olive oil:

Usually used in Italian cuisine, olive oil is a well-known anti-inflammatory agent. It helps ease all the tissues that line up the respiratory passages, effectively cutting down on the snoring. One can take just two to three spoons of olive oil alone or with honey.

5.Clarified butter or Ghee:

Prevalent in most Indian cuisine, clarified butter or ghee is known for its ability to open up blocked passages. The method, however, may be a little unorthodox. It requires putting lukewarm ghee in the nostrils through a dropper.


Honey is another option that one can use to fight snoring. Like most of the others on the list, it is also an inflammatory agent. It also lubricates the linings in the throat effectively, stopping the vibrations that occur from snoring. Drinking it with water on a daily basis is the method for its intake.

Snoring can ruin sleep, not just for the one who has it but those around them as well. More importantly, it can lead to several other problems that most people do not associate it with. Therefore, it is important to prevent snoring by using these natural herbal remedies for snoring.

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