The advancement in the research has resulted in the formulation of a snoring solution addressing a particular cause. From external mechanical devices to anti-snore spray, you will get a plethora of items available in the market to afford. All you have to do is to find the most effective solution for your problems. Here is a list of anti-snoring devices and their reviews you can consider and find their suitability.

Anti Snoring Devices 2020 and Reviews

Asonor – Anti Snoring Spray

This anti-snoring solution has an excellent formulation that provides relief from sleep apnea and snoring issues. The formulation contains:

  • Sodium Chloride
  • Polysorbate 80
  • Glycerol
  • Potassium Sorbate
  • Edetate Sodium
  • HPW

This snoring solution can act as a nasal dilator by shrinking the soft tissues inside the nasal passage and lubricate them. Due to this, a patient can sleep well due to unobstructed breathing.

  • Pros

The anti-snoring spray can be easily used inside the nostrils. The formulation is clinically approved and can be used once prescribed by an expert. It has no side-effects and does not cause any discomfort when used.

  • Cons

Refer an expert before using this anti-snoring spray.

Tongue Stabilizing Device (TSD)

TSD is an oral mechanical application that helps a snorer keep his/her tongue in the right position and stop snoring. The prime motive is to keep the jaws closed and forward so that the tongue does not recede.

  • Pros

It is a well-designed device that maintains the gap between your throat and tongue. It helps in proper inhalation and exhalation during sleeping. It does not exert extra pressure on the teeth.

  • Cons

This device can cause excess saliva and discomfort. It makes sleeping uncomfortable unless the snorer is accustomed to it.

Mandibular Advancement Device (MAD)

The design of a MAD makes the lower jaw advance and unblocks the airways. When a person sleeps, the lower jaw opens due to the relaxed muscles. The tongue retraces and blocks the throat causing a person to snore. The external support from MADs works as a snore stopper.

  • Pros

MADs fit well and can effectively reduce the intensity of snoring.

  • Cons

It has to be custom-made for properly fitting the jaws. It is costlier than the other anti-snoring devices. The patient might choke on these devices. It can also cause excessive salivation.

Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP)

It is generally designed for patients who are unable to breathe normally. It has a mask-like design that sticks well to a person’s mouth and helps him breathe normally. The mask is designed to deliver naturally compressed air to stop the airways from collapsing.

  • Pros

There is no possibility of choking. Even if the patient turns, the mask will remain in its position.

  • Cons

The prime hurdle a patient has to overcome is the discomfort of wearing a mask-like device the entire night. Most of the patients have stopped using a CPAP device. On the other hand, patients feel claustrophobic and tend to feel choked psychologically. Also, breathing inside a CPAP device produces noise.

Nasal Vents

Nasal vents are harmless-plastic mechanical devices that can be inserted inside your nostrils. The connector joining the two nostril-entering devices will keep the entire unit in position and stop choking.

  • Pros

It is a cheap solution that can be used for snoring. Your mouth will remain closed when your nasal passages are open. This is an ideal device for stopping mild snoring.

  • Cons

Inserting two plastic cones inside the nostrils is quite uncomfortable for the patients. It can cause irritation or tingling and can be very hard to get accustomed to.

Nasal strips

Unlike the previous one, these nasal strips are used on the nasal bridge. This device is like a plaster that sticks to the nasal bridge sides and keeps them apart. Hence, the nostrils and the nasal passages remain open when you fall asleep and help you to stop mild snoring.

  • Pros

The external nasal strips are ideal for those who are unable to use nasal dilators or anything inserted in their nose or mouth. It can stop mild snoring. The price of this snoring solution is quite affordable.

  • Cons

The plaster-like structure will stick to the nasal bridge. It can cause tightening of the skin and cause discomfort while sleeping at night.

Chin Straps

Chin straps are designed to keep your jaws together while sleeping. It has a set of elastic straps held together in such a way that a person can wear it to provide continuous support to the lower jaw. This strap aids in overcoming nasal obstruction and stop snoring.

  • Pros

Chin straps are a cost-effective solution for heavy snorers. The elastic device stays in its place even if the patient turns his head.

  • Cons

Chin straps hold the lower jaw of a patient tightly and can cause muscle cramps. Teeth overbite is also a side effect. A patient is unable to open his mouth during sleeping. It can become a health risk.


Refer to the reviews of the anti-snoring solutions and devices used in 2020. Find the most suitable solution for your snoring issues.

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