Research suggests that almost 45% of the adult population in the USA snores. The breathing problem exists deeply in the society which needs to be addressed with a proper solution. The adults snore, occasionally or regularly, due to various reasons. It is not only harmful physically but also affects his social life. The continuous rumbling sound is very irritating for those who are sharing the same room or in the vicinity.

Snoring can be a warning sign that signifies underlying health issues. It becomes really tough for an adult to rest properly at night. Even the other family members or partner might be affected by snoring. The loud sound produced during sleeping indicates that the person is suffering from a big obstruction while breathing. A snore solution is designed based on the abnormalities in the breathing passages. Choosing the right solution will give you immense health benefits. Once you stop snoring, your sleep quality will automatically increase and you will stay refreshed the entire day.

Causes of snoring

  • Obesity

Most of the adults in the USA suffer from overweight issues. Adding extra weight will also reflect in the neck region. In fact, the soft tissues in the nasal passage get more volume and reduce the lumen size. It means that normal breathing while sleeping will be obstructed. The tissues will vibrate when excess air is inhaled. The vibration will create a rumbling sound.

The same stands true for a pregnant woman. The bulkiness in the throat region can also causes of snoring. Pregnancy adds more tissues to the throat region. The uvula touches the base of the throat while sleeping at night. It causes obstruction while breathing. The soft tissues in this region start to vibrate.

  • Anatomy

In some cases, the soft palate in the throat region increases in size and it narrows down the air passage. In addition to this problem, the sleeping position and other issues such as allergies can cause you to snore. The narrowing down of the air passage causes you to breathe harder. On forceful inhalation, the soft tissues feel the pressure and start to vibrate causing snoring.

People with a deviated nasal septum also suffer from obstructed inhalation during sleeping. A deviated septum can be the reason why many people snore. The deformities can only be cured via invasive procedures. Enlarged tonsils and long uvula can be a reason behind incessant snoring in a person.

  • Alcohol consumption

Most of the adults enjoy alcohol during dinner time. Studies suggest that drinking alcohol aggravates the situation even more. The relaxation of the taut muscles increases abnormally. The nasal passage or the throat region becomes narrower. The body will lose its capability of defending airway obstruction naturally. This is why alcohol consumption makes a person snore heavily.

  • Sedatives and other medications

Sedatives induce deeper sleep in a person relaxing the muscles in the nasal passage and throat region. The person is more prone to breathe with his mouth. Once he opens his mouth, the tongue recedes back and blocks his esophagus. Consuming muscle relaxant can also cause snoring.

  • Improper sleeping positions

Sleeping in a supine position can be the reason behind your snoring. It has been found that your lower jaw opens up due to the relaxation of muscles. Once the jaw is open, your tongue automatically retraces itself and blocks the throat. The throat starts vibrating when inhalation is done forcibly.

Sleeping on your side can be the best remedy. Your jaw will not open and you will not snore. In some cases, changing sleeping position does not help.

Remedies to check snoring

  • Medical advice

Seek medical advice if you or your family members think that it has gone too far. Incessant snoring might be the symptom of an underlying disease. It can also indicate that you are suffering from obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). The first step is to visit a proper medical practitioner specializing in these cases. Find out the specific reason behind your snoring and opt for the right snore solution.

  • Lifestyle changes

The doctor you have visited will tell you the most effective plan to follow. Making certain lifestyle changes will definitely help in this case. If you are overweight, the first thing you will have to do is to change your diet regime and add physical workout sessions to shed extra weight. Once you start losing weight and increase your lungs capacity, you will start tackling the problem right away. Sleeping positions are also an issue. Sleep on your side or use a pillow that will keep your head a little above your chest level.

  • Using enhanced support devices

There are enhanced mechanical support devices that can be used by a patient to keep his nasal passage from collapsing. Using a nasal strip or dilator can be very helpful. These devices are attached outside the nasal bridge. You can also use mandibular support to keep your jaw from opening. There is a certain type of mouthpieces available in the medical stores which effectively reduce the degree of snoring. Most of these devices might cause mild to moderate discomfort and do not let the patient sleep well. The first week will be very tough to sleep well.

  • Anti snoring sprays

Probably, the invention of anti snoring sprays is the blessing a patient needs these days. The clinically approved formulations can be perfectly used as a snoring solution every day. The formulation can be easily administered. It will definitely stop snoring and you will find a good sleep every night. There is no need of any adjustment or feeling any discomfort with this product.

Choosing the right solution

Asonor has come up with the ideal anti snoring sprays. This formulation can be used from the very first day along with the lifestyle changes a doctor has advised. Using this solution will bring a healthy change from the very first day. You will stay refreshed due to a good rest every night. Choose the right solution after visiting a doctor and enjoy a good sleep every night.


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